Over the past few years, I have been fortunate enough to enjoy a variety of exciting adventures all around the world. I’ve snorkelled in Shark Bay around the amazing Galapagos Islands, fired automatic assault rifles at the Cu Chi tunnels deep in the Vietnamese jungle, sand-boarded down huge dunes in the Atacama desert in Peru, and hiked nearly 5000 meters up an active volcano in Ecuador.


However even though I consider myself to be quite adventurous, being German, I’m probably on the more cautious side of the adventurous spectrum by global standards. By which I mean I only undertake adventures with reputable tour agencies and only when covered by comprehensive personal travel insurance. But when it comes to meeting people from the more care-free side of the spectrum, I’ve found almost without fail that it is the lovely people of Australia who seem to have the most adventurous streak of any group of people I’ve met.

I’ve seen Australians almost breaking legs playing drunk night-soccer on the beaches of Rio, trekking to Everest Base Camp in winter wearing shorts and T-shirts following a liquid breakfast, and most recently, a twenty-something Australian women pausing for a break while cycling down the World’s Most Dangerous Road in Bolivia so her friend could take a photo of her hanging off a sheer cliff during a rain storm!


Which makes me wonder, if I ever make it to Australia one day – and I really hope I will – will I dare sample any of their exciting adventurous pursuits which I have heard so much about including snorkelling and diving in the great barrier reef, swimming with whale sharks, climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge, skydiving, bushwalking through the desert of the outback, or white water rafting down the Franklin river?

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