Chris and I have been travelling the globe for a number of years now and have enjoyed a wide range of holidays, including beach holidays on tropical islands, trekking breaks in the Himalayas, and cultural trips to Europe’s elegant capitals. Sometimes, however, we like to do something different than our normal adventures, and a weekend break to Las Vegas certainly fits that criteria. Below is a list of things to do to suit any taste should you also find yourself hankering for an adventure in this legendary American city.


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A Gambler’s Paradise

It probably hasn’t escaped anyone’s attention that Las Vegas is somewhat famous for its casinos, so if gambling is your thing, Las Vegas is your place. A record-topping variety of hotels and casinos exist, including Caesar’s Palace, The Mirage, and the Bellagio, which boasts over 10,000 square metres of gaming space. Of course, casinos don’t get rich by giving money away, so when I gamble, I always do so with a strict limit on how much I’m willing to bet. I also assume that, whatever my cash limit is, there’s a decent chance that I’m about to lose it all. And with my card playing skills, I usually do.

Desert Thrill Seeking

There’s a lot more to Vegas than just casinos, so those with a sense of adventure can easily get their adrenaline pumping in the Nevada desert. Thrill-seeking options include off-road driving, racing gas-guzzling sports cars at crazy speeds around a race track, and for the really fearless, sky-diving from thousands of feet above the arid desert. Just don’t forget your camera; otherwise, people might not believe just how brave you were!

Family Friendly Tours

For those visiting Vegas with their families (or those who just want a more relaxing time), there are a number of stunning tours that can be undertaken during a trip to Vegas. These include kayak tours, electric bike tours, and of course, tours of the awesome Grand Canyon. You can even ‘enjoy’ an air-walk tour on the famous sky bridge: a 4,000-ft. tall and terrifying walkway made of clear glass. An alternative option for those who wish to marvel at the great expanse of the Grand Canyon would be to take a helicopter tour, where you can really appreciate the enormity of the canyons. Another similarly famous landmark nearby is the Hoover Dam, situated on the border of Arizona and Nevada. This is a real testament to the American spirit; the dam was built by thousands of workers during the Great Depression, and sadly, many lost their lives.

As you can see, Las Vegas and the surrounding area has a variety of attractions that are perfect for any visitor, whether you’re an amateur gambler, an adrenaline junkie, or just a family looking to enjoy the great outdoors. So save some pennies (and hopefully a good slice of luck) and head to Las Vegas for a holiday that you’re sure to remember for the rest of your life!

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