Going on a cruise has long been something only rich or retired people tend to do. Younger people especially may often frown upon going on a cruise, but over the past few years things have begun to change dramatically. Which is why there are now even cruises especially for young people and if you consider the amount of places you get to see from your floating palace, all of sudden cruising becomes a very tempting and popular alternative to land only-based holidays. In fact it is such a popular alternative that over 20 million people go on cruises worldwide each year.


Being on a big cruise ship and sailing the oceans of the world just screams freedom and adventure. Every few days passengers are able to disembark and go ashore to exciting ports where they can discover magical new places. If I was to select my favourite cruise destination it would have to be cruising the Mediterranean though. Destinations on a Mediterranean cruise with operators such as Cruiseabout could include anything from Venice, Barcelona, Corfu, the Greek Islands, Palermo, the Provence, the Canary Islands, Turkey and even Tunisia. So while you can marvel at the Acropolis in Greece one day, a few days later you can enjoy a gondola ride in the canals of Venice.


Even on sea days there is plenty to do on the huge ships, especially once you’ve had enough of sitting by the pool sipping on cocktails. Cruise liners are now vast entertainment centers with activities ranging from rock climbing to surf simulators, water coasters, mini golf or even dance lessons. In the evenings most cruises also offer an array of more laid back entertainment too, often including dance shows, cinemas, or musicals, ensuring the evenings’ entertainment has something for everyone.

For people who aren’t fortunate enough to posses enough free time to explore in great depth the wide range of treasures the Mediterranean has to offer, a cruise provides a great alternative as it offers holiday makers at least a quick glimpse into Mediterranean life. And if you would like to find out about the Mediterranean beforehand there is even a fun quiz you can do where you can test your knowledge about geography, food and general knowledge about the region. So, did you know all of the answers? Let me know in the comment section below.

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