When I bought my beloved iPhone last year I was petrified that I would drop it one day, not least because I am probably the clumsiest person in the world. I know so many people who have dropped their iPhone resulting in cracked screens or worse. So before we embarked on our South American adventure I looked into iPhone protection cases and came across the Lifeproof iPhone case over at The Blonde Abroad. It sounded perfect for what I was after, so I have tested the case to the max over the past seven months to see if it lives up to the hype. So read on for my ultimate Lifeproof iPhone Case review:

When you are backpacking with electronic kit it is not always easy to protect everything. Backpacks get thrown down from a bus roof, cocktails get spilled over tables, or you get caught in a tropical downpour. I was planning on doing a lot of adventure-type activities in South America and wanted to use my iPhone to capture these moments on camera. However when you go white-water rafting, rock climbing or mountain biking, the last thing you want to do is to take your precious iPhone with you in case it gets wet, dirty or falls out of your pocket. So what to do? You buy a protection case, that’s what! Most cases I came across only protected the back of the phone, so if you drop it the screen could still crack. I then tried a businessy-looking leather case that protected the back of the phone and also had a fold over cover for the front. This was fine, but it was annoying having to open the latch of the cover all the time, plus it still wasn’t waterproof. And then I tried the Lifeproof iPhone case.

Lifeproof iphone case review packaging


Lifeproof claims that their cases are water, snow, shock, dirt and dust proof and that the case is designed to military specifications. It has a high degree of shock and impact protection and can survive a 2m/6.6ft drop on all surfaces and edges. In the water it is also fully submersible to 2m/6.6ft, so you could swim with your iPhone and take it underwater for up to 60 minutes. It weighs less than an ounce (28g) and the case adds a mere 1.5mm increase to each edge of your phone, so it hardly increases the size of your phone at all. It even includes a headphone adaptor and a headphone jack cover so that even if you have attached your headphones, no water or dust can penetrate the phone. Sounds good, right? Let’s see how it all panned out:

Lifeproof iphone case review headphone adaptor


When I told another backpacker over a drink about the shock proof quality of the case she promptly took my phone, said ‘Oh really? That’s so cool’ and then dropped the phone from her bar stool without a warning. I nearly had a heart attack when she did that, as I hadn’t tested the drop claim up to this moment. However when I jumped off my bar stool in a panic to check the phone everything was ok. No scratches, no cracked screen and all apps were still fully functional. I have also since dropped the phone twice, once while trekking in Peru and once it fell off my hostel bed (have I mentioned that I am clumsy?), but no damage was done in either event. RESULT: PASS


There is probably no dustier place in the world than a desert, so when I went sandboarding in Huacachina, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to test Lifeproof’s dust proof theory. I lost count of the amount of times I fell over while sandboarding (yes I am really that clumsy!) and not only did my iPhone survive all the falls, but it also didn’t have a single dust or sand speck inside the case. Unlike my pockets, my DSLR camera protection case and even my ears which had sand in them for a full week afterwards. RESULT: PASS

Lifeproof iphone case review dust proof


I took my iPhone with me during my bike ride down the world’s most dangerous road. For those of you who have read the story you may recall that it was hammering it down with rain throughout the entire bike ride and that combined with various unwanted showers from waterfalls along the way meant that I got absolutely soaked and so did the pocket my iPhone was in. I left my DSLR camera in the bus throughout the entire bike ride and only took photos with my iPhone, as I didn’t want my DSLR to get wet, but even in the wettest conditions my iPhone stayed dry thanks to the Lifeproof case.


As a reminder these were the conditions I was cycling in

lifeproof iphone case review water proof

Any water stayed firmly outside the case though

The second occasion where I could really test the case’s waterproof ability was at the Oruro Carnival in Bolivia earlier this year. During carnival in Bolivia it is tradition to have water and foam fights with each other and if you are a gringa you pretty much become the number one target for every single water bomb and foam bottle in the country. It was another one of those occasions where I didn’t want to take my DSLR camera with me as I feared that the water and foam would damage it, so I only took my iPhone with me to capture those crazy foam fights. Thankfully my Lifeproof case didn’t disappoint again and despite all the water and foam that hit my phone, everything inside the case stayed dry. RESULT: PASS

lifeproof iphone case review oruro carnival

As a reminder this was the foam we had to deal with

lifeproof iphone case review water and foam proof

Even all that foam couldn’t get inside the case


A point of criticism from me is that there seems to be a slight delay when I want to take photos with my iPhone camera because of the case, but once you get used to the microscopic delay it is very easy to work around it. There is though no delay when I tap on any other apps. The quality of the sound coming out of the speakers is also a bit reduced which is to be expected, however when I listen to the music through my headphones the sound is excellent.

Overall I am hugely impressed with this case though. As a backpacker and humanitarian I am constantly exposed to extreme environments and this iPhone case has proven to be a highly valuable addition to my kit list. At a retail price of US$79.99 the case is not cheap, but I personally believe it is worth every single penny. The Lifeproof iPhone case has passed my ultimate backpacker test and I would highly recommend this phone to any traveller or person who works in extreme environments.

I hope you found the Lifeproof iPhone case review useful. I’d also be interested to hear if there are any other people out there as clumsy as me. Perhaps we can form a support group. 🙂


DISCLAIMER: Lifeproof kindly provided me with a free iPhone case for this review. As usual, all opinions remain my own though and you get my honest review for every product that I test.


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39 Thoughts on “My Ultimate Lifeproof iPhone Case Review

  1. Nice review, but I must say the case is pretty darn expensive. However, it might be a good investment if one is exposed to extreme environments like you are.
    Ben @ Road Affair recently posted…Diary of a Wimpy Girl: Two Weeks Until DepartureMy Profile

    • Tammyonthemove on July 21, 2014 at 2:05 pm said:

      Yes I agree. I think for backpackers it is a worthwhile investment though as they are constantly exposed to extreme situations.

  2. I don’t know why I don’t have one of these yet!
    Bailey K. recently posted…RIOMAGGIORE | CINQUE TERRE, ITALYMy Profile

  3. My husband is worried about getting his iPhone wet this might be a great solution. I’ll have to check it out. Thanks for the tip.
    Carmen (CarmensTravelTips) recently posted…Hotel Danieli VeniceMy Profile

    • Tammyonthemove on July 21, 2014 at 8:55 pm said:

      I was always worried about that too, but now I don’t have to worry about it anymore. I could literally stand in the rain with my phone all day and it wouldn’t matter.

  4. Okay, this really does sound like a very cool case – love the way you tested it out and the pictures – fantastic!

  5. My daughter had one for her old iPhone and it worked quite well. Be aware that some pretty convincing fakes are being sold on eBay, and you have to make sure you follow all the steps required by the manufacturer to ensure that your case is genuine AND that it’s waterproof. I think it’s a great case for kids too, although I should also have one myself as I dropped my phone on the driveway a few weeks ago and cracked it!
    Alysia recently posted…Getaway Weekend: Cleveland, OhioMy Profile

  6. Oh good to know! I’m a new iphone owner and I love that I can use it for decent photos instead of carrying around my DSL-R everywhere. I’m pretty clumsy so I’m afraid I’ll ruin it somehow- will look more into this for sure!
    Hannah recently posted…The Best of KrakowMy Profile

  7. Wow, you put your phone through some pretty rough conditions, looks like this case passes the test!
    Brianna recently posted…The Ice Caves of Werfen, AustriaMy Profile

  8. I love how you put it through the works! Dust is definitely something I have to worry about in the near future for my iPhone – I gotta say that for me, the case also has to be stylish, something black and leather-like, something I can pull out at the office, and not seem like I’m in grade school. These definitely look interesting.

    • Tammyonthemove on July 23, 2014 at 7:57 am said:

      Yes I know what you mean about bring stylish. This case looks very unassuming, and most people don’t even notice it to be honest.

  9. Haha, you definitely tested it with the water and foam right on it! I don’t pay Iphones I just know that I would be too careless with it 🙂
    Els recently posted…Volunteering in a boutique hotel in Andalusia, SpainMy Profile

  10. Definitely tried and tested I’d say! Sounds like a great piece of kit, might have to get me one of those when I get myself a new phone. Thanks for the tips.
    Heather Cole recently posted…Loving Luang PrabangMy Profile

  11. If ever my phones have the capability to speak, they will complain about how badly I handle them! And this looks like a great product for someone like me who can save the iphone from getting shattered!
    Anu (Country Hopping Couple) recently posted…Museum Monday: British Museum, LondonMy Profile

  12. Definitely something I need to get my hands on so I don’t kill another phone. Great reading your review.
    Jen Seligmann recently posted…Things to do in KrakowMy Profile

  13. Looks like a great product.
    Charles McCool recently posted…5 Minutes With Kae Lani KennedyMy Profile

  14. I’m in the market for a new iPhone case so I’ll definitely check this one out. With my clumsiness, my phone can use all the help it can get. Thanks for sharing the review!
    Amy recently posted…Diving headfirst into travel hackingMy Profile

  15. Great post! We did an unsponsored post on Lifeproof last year: http://www.wherethecoconutsgrow.com/2013/12/when-your-iphone-goes-overboard-waterproof-mudproof-lifeproof/

    It passed with flying colors after a dunk in 11′ of water then settling in mud and manatee poo off the side of our boat. Unfortunately, it was the older version of the case and has since failed, ruining our iPhones.

    We are now sponsored by Otterbox, who bought out Lifeproof, and they have combined the technology. We use our new Otterbox Preserver cases for shooting underwater photos all the time now 🙂 The seal where the power cord goes is excellently engineered on the new Otterbox case (where it previously failed on our old Lifeproof cases) and we couldn’t be happier!

  16. Nicole on July 25, 2014 at 10:09 pm said:

    I have had a lifeproof case for the past two years, and honestly, the iphone inside wouldn’t have survived without it! i drop my phone ALL of the time (easily over 10 times a day), and there is not even a single scratch!
    i got my case replaced once, after a year or so, where it started to peel at the edges, I emailed the company when this happened, and within days, i received a brand new case (with attachments) free of charge! i just had to pay to ship the broken case back to the company! Worth every penny spent!

    • Tammyonthemove on July 26, 2014 at 1:31 pm said:

      That’s great that they replaced it Nicole. I am sure I never used to drop my old cheap phone that much. But as soon as I got an iPhone I started dropping it all the time. :-/

  17. Looks like a winner to me. Do you know if they make a version for a Samsung Galaxy?
    Bob R recently posted…Kavarna Sunset, and SnapwireMy Profile

    • Tammyonthemove on July 26, 2014 at 1:32 pm said:

      I have a feeling they do Samsung cases. Check out their website Bob; you can buy all models from there.

  18. Is there one available for the samsung. I have broken my phone twice now. Fair enough that one of those times I was rock climbing when it dropped out of my pocket but such a cover might have given it a chance…
    Bianca @itsallbee recently posted…Lantau Island | Big Buddha & Twelve Divine GeneralsMy Profile

  19. I think I might take this review on board. 2 iPhones in just over a year (water and drop damage!) I think this might be a worthwhile investment for me.

  20. I so need this iPhone case.
    Christopher James recently posted…how to get free betsMy Profile

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