Now that we’re one month away from the end of our six-month overseas voluntary placements (in theory…) we’re beginning to wonder what we would miss about Cambodia if we returned to the UK.

One strong contender would be the atmospheric shopping on markets, which is about as far away from a trip to Lidl’s as you can get and a pretty dramatic sensual experience if ever there was one…

1. Smell
If smell-o-vision was a reality these photos would come with a strong health warning….

chicken feetFresh chicken including the feet, which are also eaten here.

Snakehead fish
Meat section

2. Sight
Markets here are also so wonderfully colourful.

Scarves and silk handbags – a women’s dream!
Sweet sticky rice in banana leaves
Jade and other jewelery at the Central Market

3. Feeling
Markets in Cambodia are extremely busy and very very hot (I thought I should include a quick moan about the weather for the benefit of my English friends 🙂 )

The Russian market in Phnom Penh

4. Hearing
That markets are noisy is probably no big surprise.

She may look as tiny as her stall, but her voice was powerful
The sound of chopping is omnipresent. Not for the faint hearted!
Vendors trying to shout louder than their competition

5. Taste
Some of the food that you can buy on markets here I have never seen before.

Chillies and rice-the staple food of Cambodia
Clams at fish market
Dried fish
Exotic fruits, such as the infamous durian on the right.
It is a fruit that smells of rotten eggs once opened, but apparently yummy.
The all important chilli sauce
Fresh noodles for soups or curries

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