The Travel Bloggers Best Dozen Project is a new blogger tagging challenge, initiated by Lash World Tour and inspired by last year’s ‘Seven Super shots’ or similar tagging challenges. It enables bloggers to reflect on their best (and worst) travel moments; all their travel stories, advice and tips they’ve written; and all the photos they’ve created and published in 2012. So the crème de la crème of blogging really.

I have been nominated by the lovely Alex @ Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler to take part, so here goes:

1. Most popular
Our most popular post to this date is still Breakfast with Angelina Jolie. It was actually a post about Angkor Wat, but it is amazing how dropping a celebrities’ name can attract so many readers… 😉

Angkor Wat sunrise

2. Most helpful Travel tip
I love the off the beaten path adventures, but with the likes of Lonely Planet around these are becoming increasingly rare. My post Finding my inner Indiana Jones was about a trip to the gorgeous and secluded Angkor ruin Ta Prohm about 30km outside of Phnom Penh. It is a bit of a pain to get to, so that’s why not many tourists go there. Hopefully my post inspired some more travellers to visit and fullfill their own secret Indiana Jones dreams.

3. A post that was surprisingly successful
The success of Get lost to the pepper fields surprised me because the saying ‘Get lost to the pepper fields’ is German (it means to get lost to somewhere far away) and so to foreigners that header must have sounded really weird. I am glad it sounded weird enough to attract so many readers outside of Germany though. 🙂

4. A post I thought was under-rated
One post I thought would attract many readers, but didn’t was a post about my voluntary placement in Cambodia and a story about a related field trip to some of the projects we were running. It was a post that showed the real life and struggles of some Cambodians, so I thought that would have been interesting to readers who want to find out about the real Cambodia and not just the touristy parts.

5. Most controversial
Writing controversial is not really my style, but I guess if I had to pick one post it would be my post about Dealing with poverty on the road. It received a lot of comments, but luckily only positive ones. Thanks for being so lovely to me! 🙂

6. Most amusing
Just going by the amount of shares I got on this post I assume it must have been amusing to a few people. The post Dinosaur hunt was about tips for getting rid of geckos that invade your apartment. The tips were collated from the internet and ranged from unpractical, to philosophical, to downright nasty, but they really made me chuckle.

7. Post I am most proud of
The post I am most proud of is actually a guest post I have written for the Travel Culture Magazine. Volunteerism-Be the change you want to see in the world is an honest and somewhat emotional reflection on my time as a volunteer in Cambodia. It is about the good, the bad and the ugly.

8. Best travel story or travel perspective
The post with the best travel perspective is probably the one I wrote about how to survive traffic in Cambodia, for the simple reason that it could save you your life! 😉

9. Best travel adventure
The best adventure by far was our trip to the Cambodian jungle for an overnight jungle trek. I felt like I was part of a Bear Grylls episode, including river crossings, fire-making, encountering dangerous animals, showering under waterfalls and a lot of fun!

10. Best cultural perspectives or insights
My post Real life Cambodia doesn’t necessarily reflect the culture of the whole of Cambodia, but certainly that of the younger generation. With 70% of the population under the age of 30 these young people are Cambodia’s future and visiting some projects I was managing as a volunteer really gave me a great insight into their life and thoughts!

11. Most beautiful
There are many beautiful places in Asia, but one of my favourite places is Kratie in northern Cambodia. When I went dolphin hunting there last year I got to see and experience beautiful scenery, gorgeous historical buildings, yummy food and cute animals. It doesn’t get much better than that really.

12. Best photo or photo gallery
I love the photos I took at Angkor Wat, but as I have mentioned this post under No.1 already I will choose the photos I posted for the 7 super shots of the world challenge. They include photos of destinations I haven’t written about on this blog, as those trips were taken long before I started the blog.


I nominate the following five travel bloggers to take part in this project:

Backpacker Becki
Alex in Wanderland
Sarah Somewhere
The Expert Vagabond
Reclaiming my future


The ‘rules’ are quite simple and straight forward:

1. Pick your best post in each of the 12 categories above. Link to each post and add a photo and brief explanation as to why it’s the best.

2. Nominate 5 more travel bloggers to participate by naming them and linking to their blog (Let’s spread some love, support and great posts around).

3. Publish your Travel Bloggers Best Dozen post on your blog.

That’s it! Oh yeah, have fun. 🙂

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Tammy & Chris are a couple hailing from Germany and England, meaning between them they are efficient and polite, but unable to talk about football. Find out why they stopped pushing pens around the British civil service to travel the world on their blog.

8 Thoughts on “Travel Bloggers Best Dozen Project

  1. Some amazing posts here! And also great names of the posts 😀

  2. Aww, thanks Alex! Glad you like them!

  3. Great compilation of posts. We participated in 7 Super Shots and we had a great time looking through old works and photos. Seems like you did too.

  4. Thanks Jill. Yes it was good fun going through the old posts, some of which I had almost forgotten about. Glad you enjoyed them! 🙂

  5. Finding my inner Indiana Jones is a great title for an article 🙂 Thank you for your blog.

  6. Thanks very much and thanks for liking our blog! 🙂

  7. Ok, I have to go and read the gecko post now! Had one in my room just yesterday!

  8. @Arianwen: lol-good luck with the hunt!

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