Marrakech is a melting pot of a city where a wide variety of historic influences converge to create an intoxicating mix of styles. The food, music, architecture, and general feel of Marrakech draws on inspiration from Islamic, French, sub-Saharan African, and Berber cultures, making a trip to this widely diverse city a real treat for the senses. There are some beautiful hotels in Marrakech and for those of you tempted to explore this beautiful Moroccan city, below is a guide to my top five things to do in Marrakech.

Getting Lost in the Souks

For many, the first stop when arriving in Marrakech is the fascinating old markets, or souks. These souks, many of which can be found in the old city center, offer a huge array of wares ranging from fantastic spices to beautifully ornate hand-carved items. A great place for browsing and politely haggling, but be sure to pack your mental compass so you don’t end up getting lost in the seemingly endless maze of little streets and side alleys.

Visit the nearby Atlas Mountains

If you find yourself in need of a bit of peace and tranquility, the stunning Atlas Mountains are an easy reach from Marrakech. Daily departures will take you out into the mountains where you can stretch your legs while admiring the beautiful landscapes on offer. It is also very easy to combine a day in the mountains with a night under the stars in the mighty Sahara Desert where you can ride out to a tent on a camel, before enjoying a feast around a campfire complete with traditional Berber music.

Go to a Tannery

To enjoy Marrakech at its most medieval — and most smelly — you can take the option of paying a visit to Marrakech’s tannery district. Here you can watch tanners curing leather with an exceptionally pungent treatment, as they have done for many generations. A good tip is to buy a handful of spices before you visit so you can keep these near to your nose in case the smell becomes too overwhelming.

Treat Yourself at a Hamam

A number of hamams exist throughout Marrakech, where you can go and give your body a good old cleansing. Be sure to brush up on local etiquettes if you visit one of the more traditional hamams, or perhaps if it is your first time in Morocco, you might want to visit a more touristy spa to ease yourself into local customs more gradually.

Enjoy the Local Cuisine on Offer

After a day spent wondering around the souks, you are sure to be in need of a hearty meal. If so, you won’t be disappointed in Marrakech. Local foods include lovingly prepared tagines, a local stew usually comprising vegetables and meat, all cooked in wonderfully aromatic Moroccan spices that will provide a special treat for your taste buds.

As you can see, there are many great things to do during your next visit to Marrakech. Which activity would you like to do? Please tell me in the comment section below.


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