We have great news for anyone worried about the Mayan prophecy that the world will end in 2012. We can report live from Phnom Penh that we’re now safely into the year 2556, and life as we know it seems pretty much un-altered.

wat phnom 2
A clock at Wat Phnom counting down the last hours of 2555BE
While the Western world may have moved into the year 2012AD a few months ago, the Khmer world has just finished celebrating their New Year – celebrated between April 13-15 – and this year ushering in 2556BE (Buddhist Era). Which means by some counts I have just reached the grand old age of 575! (interestingly, under this new system of counting Chris now looks roughly his age at long last).
2556 marks the year of the dragon. Roar.

The locals celebrate the New Year with games and fireworks.

Chris millimeters away from winning the blind-folded-pot-smashing game.
If nothing else, it gave the locals something to laugh at.
The winner of the keepy-up competition (seriously!)
Local girls taking part in some lets-all-do-the-congo-type shenanigans

So this year we decided to roll Easter and the Khmer New Year into one big celebration and stuff ourselves with the best Western and Khmer treats that Phnom Penh has to offer.

Not sure how you cook paper…..
Easter wouldn’t be Easter without a filthy chocolate feast
Sua S’dey Chnam Thmey 2556!

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