We can’t believe that we have been here for three months already. Time really flies by when you are enjoying yourself. We came across many wonderful things, and of course a few not quite so wonderful things, but in the end we came to the conclusion that we have fallen completely in love with Cambodia and its people.

cambodian beach

Things we love:

1. People: For their biggest and friendliest smiles. Especially children here are just adorable. Whenever you walk past them they wave and say the sweetest ‘elllooooo!’ to you as if they have known you forever.

2. Sunshine: for giving Tammy her first ever and lasting suntan.

3. Work: for being meaningful and satisfying, and for having wonderful colleagues.

A party hosted by Chris’ boss (left)

4. Commuting: for only taking 20 minutes instead of 1.5 hrs.

5. Hotel 252: for being a peaceful haven in the chaotic Phnom Penh, with a beautiful swimming pool and the most gorgeous Swiss/French food.

6. Sher-E-Punjab-I Indian takeaway & Mercy House Restaurant: for providing Chris with an endless list of delicious vegetarian meals, something that is normally hard to come by in Cambodia.

7. Lucky supermarket: for providing us with imported Western treats, such as Nutella, Cornflakes or German sausages.

8. Ice coffee & smoothies: Deliciously sweet, fresh and an absolute life-saver in the heat.

Things we love less:

1. Heat: I love the warm weather and the fact you can wear T-Shirts and shorts all the time. If you have a fan on or the aircon that is. It is almost impossible to go out at lunchtime without being drenched in sweat after two minutes. And that is just standing still. We are glad whenever we can spot an air-conditioned shop or cafe to go past just to get a desperate glimpse of coolness. Chris also has another extreme solution, which is to sleep with a frozen water bottle by his bedside.

2. Tuk tuk and moto drivers: Don’t get me wrong, I love riding on a tuk tuk. But being pestered by moto or tuk tuk drivers is still a daily struggle. People here don’t understand the concept of walking. They think you are crazy if you want to walk anywhere. You usually hear “You ride moto lady?” or “Tuk tuk Sir?”(Despite the fact I am a lady I am addressed as a Sir by many drivers – should that worry me?). They spot you from a hundred yards away, quickly rising from their comfy lounged positions in a friend’s tuk tuk or a roadside hammock. Hand in the air, they try to wave you down. Usually it takes one ‘no thank you’ and they smile at you and leave you alone. But there are also a few who are extremely insistent, repeatedly offering their service. A conversation usually goes like this: “You want a tuk tuk Sir? No thanks. I give you good price! No thanks. I take you to killing fields and shooting? No really, I don’t need a tuk tuk. You want to see Royal Palace? Somebody please shoot me!!!!!!!”

Waiting for their prey

3. Cost and lack of cheese: We both looove our cheese, but it is very hard to get any cheese here and if you do it is usually extremely expensive. A big block of 500g cheddar often sets you back $20. We wish Bedford’s Cheese Kitchen could open a branch in Phnom Penh.

4. Mosquitoes: there is absolutely nothing good about these little buggers. They cause malaria and dengue fever throughout the country and my legs are covered in at least 20 bites at any given time. Even when I use mosquito repellent they find the one spot on my body that I missed off, i.e. between my toes.

5. Ants: These little buggers are everywhere too: in our flat, on my desk at work and even inside my laptop. Whenever there is something slightly sweet about they come crawling to it in their hundreds trying to get a piece of it. There is only one solution-eat them! 🙂

A genuine menu offering ants with your steak

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