When Chris and I first visited Buenos Aires a few years ago, the first thing that struck us was how wonderfully colourful the city is. From the vividly decorated houses in La Boca district, to the beautiful decorations displayed in many of the traditional cafes throughout the city, Buenos Aires is a real treat for the eyes. In fact, if you are a painter or photographer, I would find it hard to think of a better city to visit in search of a colourful picture or image by which to remember your holiday.

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Photo by Michelle Tognola via Trover

One of the most famous examples of how ever-present the theme of colours is in Buenos Aires can be found at the Casa Rosada (the Pink House). The Casa Rosada is the executive house of the government in Argentina and its gentle pink walls are a real sight to behold as the sun sets on a balmy, South American evening.

For those of you more inclined towards the colour red – and according to surveys it is the most popular colour in the world – the two most obvious examples can be found through the delicious combination of red wine and juicy steaks, which felt to us while we were in Argentina like the unofficial national dish. A pity for my vegetarian husband, but a delight for me as I got to top up my protein and iron levels in the spirit of ‘blending in with the locals’.

Perhaps though the most colour obsessed part of Buenos Aires is the famous La Boca district. When Chris and I visited here, we were blown away by the bright reds, yellows, and blues which adorn the houses throughout this fascinating part of the city. In fact, I couldn’t help but wonder when you buy a house in this district whether you do so on the basis of the furnishings and room sizes as one normally might, or just on the colour of the external brickwork that you most like!

The other treat handed to us while we were in La Boca district was to bump into a short, stocky man wearing the famous blue and white shirt of the Argentina football team, and the even more famous number ten of none other than Diego Maradona. In fact, the lookalike (who makes his living posing for photographs) looked so much like the real Maradona that for a split second my football-mad husband actually thought it was him – which would have been interesting bearing in mind English football fans still haven’t gotten over the infamous ‘Hand of God’ goal which Maradona scored in the 1986 World Cup.

So, if you are one of these people who believes that life should be a vivid, colourful affair, or just someone looking to capture an image on your travels that will stay with you forever, why not book yourself into one of the many hotels in Buenos Aires, and enjoy the classy, and extremely colourful capital city of Argentina?


Disclaimer: I am a freelancer for Hipmunk and am currently working on their #hipmunkcitylove project.

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