If you say the word “beach” to an American playing a game of word association, there’s a decent chance he or she might reply with the word “Miami.” Miami Beach, Florida, has been one of the pre-eminent beach escapes for Americans (and others) for decades now, attracting hordes of tourists seeking sun, sea, and the famous South Beach.


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Miami Beach lies at the southern tip of Florida and as such, enjoys an enviable tropical climate. Consequently, the sea can be pleasantly warm, especially compared to the icy experience I’m used to from swimming in the sea off the coasts of Germany or the UK. This warmth, with a wide range of available local attractions and activities, draw millions of visitors to the area each year. Therefore, what exactly are these attractions?

Architectural Splendor

For those interested in architecture, Miami Beach boasts a stunning collection of art-deco buildings erected around the first half of the twentieth century. If you enjoy a structured approach to life, it is possible to book a tour to take in the main examples of this classic design period with a guide who can explain the history behind some of the beautiful buildings. Alternatively, you might prefer to just put on your walking shoes and see where your feet take you.

Aquatic Fun

For those of an aquatic disposition, various options exist to allow you to take advantage of the West Atlantic Ocean at its finest. One option might be to take a trip on a chartered yacht, or if speed is your thing, perhaps hiring a jet ski might be what you need to get the adrenalin flowing. Personally, I think putting on your bikini — together with a liberal covering of high-factor, waterproof sunscreen — and diving into the sea for a relaxing swim is not to be missed. That way, you can burn a few calories to build an appetite for one of the many dining options available in the Miami Beach Resort area.

Food Heaven

These dining options include a great range of international cuisines with an especially wide variety of Latin restaurants, owing to Florida’s location within swimming distance of — for some, although not necessarily recommended — Cuba. Once you have enjoyed a hearty meal, you are well prepared to go out and sample the hip and happening nightlife available throughout the strip. This includes numerous trendy cocktail bars, where should you wish, could continue a Latin-American theme by indulging in a Cuba Libre or two. Either way, be sure to put on your best dancing shoes if you do head out, as the locals are famous for their fancy dance moves and it would seem rude not to join in the fun.

If you like warm sun, balmy waters, and beautiful beaches, why not book yourself into a hotel in Miami Beach? I’m sure you won’t be disappointed…


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