For many people, saving for a holiday can be a difficult task. However, in my experience, you don’t need to make huge sacrifices in order to afford a holiday. Below are some tips on how you can save money for that dream vacation.

Take Your Own Lunch to Work

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When I worked in London, I often used to pop out of the office to buy a sandwich or salad for lunch, along with a drink. While spending $5 on a salad and $2 on a soda may not sound like a lot, it soon adds up. If you spend $7 every work day, that is $35 per week, and well over $100 per month. In Europe, you can buy a flight to another country for less than that money, so if you were to bring your own lunch to work every day, you could save enough money to buy a plane ticket on a budget airline.

Use Coupons

Coupons are not only a great way to save money for your day-to-day shopping, but you can also get coupons for discounts on hotels or flights. I have seen coupon deals where you can save up to $500, so this is definitely an option worth looking into.

Make Your Own Coffee-to-Go

Just like with buying lunch, you could actually save a lot of money if you stop buying a coffee at your local coffee house and instead invested in a thermos mug. Brew your own coffee, add your own flavors or sweeteners, and bring it with you when you leave the house. This could save you between $3 and $5 each day, so if you add this up, this too could save you a lot of money per month that you could instead spend on a holiday. It is better for the environment too.

Invite Friends Over for Dinner Instead of Eating Out

One of my biggest expenditures used to be regularly going out for dinner with friends. You can save a lot of money by inviting your friends over for dinner at your place instead. Even if you only did this once a month, this could easily save you $50 or more to put into your travel kitty.

Book Package Holidays

Some people prefer arranging all of the fine details of their holiday, even if they are planning on traveling to various destinations within a country. However, this often pushes budgets up, as you need to spend more money on transport costs. You could save some money by booking a package holiday, which usually includes flights to and from your destination,your  hotel, and often even food if you are going in an all-inclusive resort.

Book Last-Minute Flights

Airlines are usually pretty desperate to fill their flights up, so if you are flexible with your days, then it may be a good idea to book your flights at the last minute. This could reduce the costs for your tickets by up to 50 percent.

As you can see, it is actually not that hard to save some money by following these simple tricks which I’ve used many times over the years.

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