When you plan for a holiday, you most likely debate whether you should buy travel insurance. You may ask yourself, “What could possibly happen?” You may not be partaking in daredevil stunts or risky activities, but it is better to be safe than sorry. Unexpected medical bills during foreign trips can come as a rude shock and delayed flights or missing luggage can cause big trouble. Here are some reasons why buying travel insurance is an important investment.

1. Coverage

Travel insurance covers more than just medical expenses for physical issues. It can also protect your belongings. If a bag gets lost or stolen, travel insurance can cover a portion – if not all – of the cost of your losses. Travel insurance is also there to cover missing or delayed flights, missed connections to a booked venue, and anything else that may happen. Say, for example, you are holidaying on a remote island and get bitten by a sea creature and need immediate medical services that are only accessible by air. Travel insurance can cover your evacuation costs and leave you with peace of mind to recover from your injuries.

If you like travelling to remote places as much as I do, it is better to be covered by proper insurance

2. Your Responsibility

If something happens to you while you are overseas, you are held responsible. Being in hospital for just a couple of days overseas can quickly add up. If you travel without insurance, you are held liable for any costs you may incur. Look at your current medical coverage (if you have private) and see what benefits, if any, you have for travelling. Contact your provider and discuss options for adding travel insurance for the length of your trip. Consider asking your travel agent about travel risk management services, like those offered by FCm Travel Solutions, to help you to understand your responsibilities and potential risks while you are away.

3. Risk Factor

Often, travellers who tend to buy insurance do so because they know their holiday activities will involve some risk. They plan ahead and know they may be more active during their journey abroad. If two travellers are planning a week-long vacation and one will be in a city staying with friends while the other is going to a village far from the closest pay phone, it is obvious who is most likely to take out insurance. However, keeping to this frame of mind might not always be in your best interests. Even the traveller staying with friends can get locked out of the apartment or have their phone and wallet stolen (or forget them on the bus). Risks can come in all varieties, so don’t assume that your seemingly safe travel plans are necessarily risk-free.

Travelling with gadgets like this you can never be too careful

Are you still asking yourself if travel insurance is worth it? While you may not be able to envision something bad happening on your trip, accidents happen all the time. Planning for disaster while you are also planning for fun can put a damper on your arrangements, yes, but paying that small fee upfront can save you a great deal if something does happen to you in a foreign country.

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  1. Couldn’t agree more! A small amount upfront can save you thousands of dollars.
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