Whenever I hear that someone I know is heading to Buenos Aires, I am immediately filled with an overwhelming sense of jealously. I visited the Argentinian capital a few years ago and it has remained one of my favourite cities ever since. Considered to be one of the most important cities in South America, Buenos Aires is home to around 3 million lucky inhabitants. If you include the whole metropolitan area, that number is closer to 13 million. The size of the city means that if you are fortunate enough to be heading to Buenos Aires, it makes sense to undertake a little preparation in advance so can get the most out of your city break.

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Of course everybody has their own interests when they travel but for me there are a few things which, regardless of personal taste, it would be a shame to miss in Buenos Aires. Number one for me is indulging in a little tango. The city is the spiritual home of this highly passionate dance and so a visit to one of the many tango performances in town will really help you get into the Argentinian vibe. Alternatively, if you are one of those people who likes to really get involved in local customs and culture, you might prefer to visit a local milonga where you can dance away until the early hours. A word of warning though – Argentinians seem to be born dancing so if you want to blend in and not feel like a total beginner, it might be worth considering a few introductory tango lessons before you set sail.

If dancing isn’t your thing, one of the other great passions in Argentina is football. One of the most famous teams in world football, Boca Juniors, are based in Buenos Aires and so sports aficionados are in for a treat, especially if you manage to secure tickets for one of the games. Just be aware that if anyone asks you who the best player in the world is, the only two acceptable (and safe) answers are Messi or Maradona. In fact, it might even be worth watching a few classic games before you leave home to make sure you really know your stuff. Anything from the 1986 World Cup would be a good place to start, unless you are English and still have nightmares about Maradona’s infamous ‘Hand of God’.

Other passions in Buenos Aires include politics, red wine, and fantastic steaks. For a gentle introduction to the former, there are worse things to do than watch the film Evita before you head to Argentina. When it comes to the wine and steaks though, perhaps the only preparation you can do is take a preemptive strike by hitting the gym hard in advance so you have a belt loop spare before you begin the inevitable feasting which is very much a part of Argentinian life.

So as you can see, with a bit of preparation and by choosing a nice hotel in Buenos Aires, this is a city waiting to amaze you and, quite possibly, make you fall in love.


Disclaimer: I am a freelancer for Hipmunk and I am currently working on their #hipmunkcitylove project.

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