We spent the New Year’s weekend in the beautiful Siem Reap in central Cambodia. The bus journey from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap was something different. If the bus is full you get a special plastic stool The journey took six hours, but thankfully the driver knew just how to entertain us. For the entire Read More →

“Sou S’dei Bon Noel”, or ‘Hello Merry Christmas’ is the traditional seasonal greeting in Cambodia. To which the response has to be ‘Hello, Hello Merry Christmas’. Which always makes Chris laugh. Must be the sun. Anyway, hope you are having a great time back home. Seasons greetings to you all! 1. Chris’s Office Xmas Party Read More →

We’ve been working here in Cambodia for one month now and are very much enjoying our respective placements. Our roles are similar to what we used to do in the UK, but there are a few differences which might be worth pointing out. So below is a list comparing a typical work-day in the UK Read More →

We visited the infamous Tuol Sleng re-education camp and the Killing Fields at the weekend, which was a sad reminder of Cambodia’s tragic past. A word of warning, some of the photos below are very upsetting. 1. Independence Cambodia achieved independence from France in 1953. After a short period of relative peace, Cambodia found itself Read More →

Cambodia is the land of public holidays and we were lucky to have two major bank holidays in November. The perfect time to get to know local culture and history, and of course to explore a bit more of Cambodia by checking out the remote Bamboo Island. The 9th November marks the day when Cambodia gained independence Read More →

We have finally found a little apartment in the heart of Phnom Penh. This flat is more modern and better equipped than our house in the UK! Kitchen Bathroom Bedroom Living room with cable TV (yeah baby) View from our balcony

We’ve only been here just over a week and already we’ve had the honour of being invited to a wedding. A indication of now incredibly warm and welcoming Cambodian people are! It was a typical Buddhist ceremony, and everything was really beautiful and colourful.What an absolutely stunning day. Wow! Invite A selection of the offering’s Read More →

How many people you think fit on a scooter or a pushbike? 1-2 people I hear you say. Well Cambodians see this differently… 😉 There is room for three on a bike On this scooter for 4 Or five for that matter! (the one behind the helium guy who’s in danger of doing an ET) Read More →