There are boxes everywhere in our house, therefore I can’t find any of my clothes and what on earth am I supposed to take with me living in a country such as Cambodia anyway? Light clothes I guess and nothing too valuable. The airline limit is 25kg and for six months this is not much at all. But after 3 (!) trials I think I have managed to pack everything I need into my 60 l backpack. Every time I repacked something else had to come out including five tops, one pair of trousers and a pair of shoes. I had to be a bit more brutal on clothes and will also have to leave things like highheels, hair dryer and cosmetics at home (apart from suncream and mascara-you know how pale I am and needed at least one bit of luxury) . Instead I will be taking sexy things like headtorches, mosquito nets and trekking boots. Not very ladylike, but I think necessary in developing countries and when, like me, doing lots of field trips. Somehow Chris didn’t seem to have these problems…

It was also time to put the rest of our belongings from the house into boxes. You only realise how much stuff you have when you have to pack it all up. But we have somehow managed and the boxes are in storage now.


Our house is very empty and it makes you a bit sad, as you realise that you won’t be here for a while and how much you are giving up. But there is no time for such thoughts and we will be back anyway. Cambodia, we are ready for you!

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Tammy & Chris are a couple hailing from Germany and England, meaning between them they are efficient and polite, but unable to talk about football. Find out why they stopped pushing pens around the British civil service to travel the world on their blog.

4 Thoughts on “Packing for 6 months away

  1. Good luck guys, take care xx

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