As holiday season approaches, my husband and I are beginning to search for places to visit for that all-important summer break we’re so looking forward to. Over the last few years we’ve been lucky enough to explore Europe, South America, and Asia quite extensively. We now find ourselves working in Africa where again, we have a whole new continent to discover. So with this background in mind, we are increasingly inclined towards revisiting North America, a continent which we have been lucky enough to visit before, but which we don’t yet know quite as well as we would like.

Of all of the cities to visit in the U.S., San Diego is one of our favourite options. San Diego is one of California’s (and actually America’s) biggest cities, with a population in the region of 1.5 million people. Lying close to the Mexican border, San Diego enjoys a warm climate year round, perfect for those wishing to top up their summer tans especially applicable to those from northern Europe like my husband and I who don’t always get to enjoy that much sun, even in the summer!
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Another attraction to San Diego, at least for my ex-Marine husband, is the long historical association with the U.S. Navy, meaning plenty of sea-related activities to explore. For those like my husband who are fascinated by history, especially maritime history, perhaps a good first port of call when visiting San Diego would be the U.S.S. Midway Museum.


As one of San Diego’s newer visitor attractions, the museum provides a once in a lifetime opportunity to hop aboard a real aircraft carrier which for many children (and a number of adults too) is a dream come true. Once aboard, visitors get to tour the huge, almost 70,000-ton ship, which is in fact more like a small town than a ship.


A fantastic complement to this tour is a trip to the Maritime Museum of San Diego, a museum which provides access to one of the world’s best collections of ships from across the ages, including submarines, so you can get an insight into what it would be like living beneath the ocean waves, as opposed to upon them.


Of course there is far more to San Diego than just ships, though. A number of city parks and other outdoor options exist for those who wish to fully enjoy the balmy climate. Balboa Park is one such option, not least as it happens to also be home to the incredible San Diego Zoo. The zoo boasts more than 4,000 animals on-site including gorillas, tigers, polar bears, giant pandas, and even dragons Komodo dragons, that is making this a fantastic attraction for those travelling with families.


So with an almost unrivaled maritime adventure to be had for all those wanna-be sailors out there, or just a great collection of outdoor activities, not to mention the many great bars, restaurants, and hotels in San Diego, you could do far worse than booking yourself a summer break to the fascinating American city of San Diego.


Disclaimer: I am a freelancer for Hipmunk and I am currently working on their #hipmunkcitylove project.

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  1. Beautiful pictures! It looks so beautiful, I want to take a little trip to San Diego, I hear there are so many amazing things to do I simply must go! Thanks so much for sharing, it seems like a wonderful time!

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