There are so many things to do in Malaysia, but we only had two weeks so we just traveled to Kuala Lumpur and the Cameron Highlands. The Cameron Highlands  in the north of the country are famous for their tea plantations, and strange creatures, as we found out. Below are some photos of some of the things to do in Malaysia.

petronas towersPetronas Towers

Scary bridge
Tea plantations – where English people go when they die (if they’ve been good)
The lesser-spotted tea hobbit – emerging from the undergrowth in search of scones
A rare photo of the bonga-bangatuan (mossy-faced jungle woman). Little is known about these reclusive tribeswomen, but legend has it they carry little men around in their backpacks to snack on when they are hungry
A scary looking creature with a big shiny forehead and a huge pointy horn. And a rhino-beetle.

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9 Thoughts on “Things to do in Malaysia: Tall Towers and strange creatures

  1. Cool you climb on the Towers ? It Looks like you are in Middle Earth……nice

  2. No we couldn’t, because the viewing part was under renovation. But the mossy forest really was like something out of Lord of the Rings. Will send you some photos.
    LG, Tammy

  3. Hi, photo’s are fab. Shame you couldn’t go up the towers, I reckon Chris would have loved walking across the floating bridge!
    Sarah xx

  4. I never saw the refurbishing sign with my own eyes actually, so maybe Chris just made that one up on purpose…:-)

    Your test worked Ros. Comments won’t get published until we log in actually, so it may take a while before you can see them.

    Tammy & Chris

  5. I’ve only ever seen the Petronas Towers on film , they look amazing. They look fantastic in your pictures too, makes me want to go see them even more. Thanks for sharing your pictures and adcentures, I love the “where English people go when they die”-comment, made med laugh out loud ;-D
    Annie@GreenTravelReviews recently posted…Captain’s Desert Camp- Wadi Rum, JordanMy Profile

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