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When the good people at asked me to review their London walking tours app, it gave me the perfect excuse to visit my former colleagues during my spring break in the UK. The app covers a wide range of different walking tours. For example we could have chosen Shakespeare’s London, Bridges of London, Buckingham Palace Area, or even the Harry Potter Trail. But when Chris saw one walk called Historic Pubs of London, all bets were off.

museum tavern london historic pub crawl (2)

The GPS My City App

Once you chose your walk, the app provides you with a detailed dashboard of all the key information you need including the length of the walk, the time it should (should!) take, descriptions and photos of each of the stops along the way, and of course the route-map itself which you can zoom in and out of, depending upon the level of detail required. So with our iPad loaded and our friends convening at pub #1, we set off!

GPSmycity app london historic pub crawl

The ‘walk’

Our historic pubs of London crawl got off to a comically bad start as the first pub on the list was temporarily closed for refurbishment. Luckily in England you are never more than 25 metres from another pub so we tweaked the walking tour and started in the Marquis of Granby which as well as serving great food, also served 1/3 pints which we thought might be an amusing (and sensible) start as we only had three hours to complete the tour before meeting other friends.

marquis of grandby london historic pub crawl

Pub #2 took us to French House on Dean Street where according to our app, we were drinking in the same footsteps as Dylan Thomas, Francis Bacon, and Charles de Gaulle, which perhaps explained the French Flags everywhere. Pub #3 was one of my favourites. The Salisbury in Covent Garden which dates back to 1899 and doesn’t appear to have changed in the 100-odd years since. It was here we discovered that Big Ben in London is (arguably) named after an English bare-knuckle boxer whose final fight lasted a knuckle-busting 60 rounds!

the salisbury london historic pub crawl

the salisbury london historic pub crawl (2)

The beautiful bar at the Salisbury

By pub #4 we were already feeling full of ale so branched out into a beautiful glass of cider at the Lamb and Flag, before heading onto the White Hart in London’s West End. Pub #6 saw us enjoying the Museum Tavern, a pub previously frequented by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Karl Marx, and J.B. Priestly - who was either an author and playwright who wrote An Inspector Calls, or possibly Brendon from Beverly Hills 90210.

Lamb and Head london historic pub crawl

white heart london historic pub crawl

The White Heart Pub

museum tavern london historic pub crawl

Pub #7 was another of my favourites - the beautifully decorated Princess Louise, where our American friend Erik continued his love affair with the great British pie. By the time we’d reached Ye Olde Cheeshire Cheese ‘tiredness’ was beginning to creep in so we were glad to find a table next to a centuries old, fading fire which looked like it had seen better days - a bit like us really. By this stage we had managed to find ourselves a mere five hours behind schedule, meaning privately we were probably all glad to discover the last two pubs were closed! Not wanting to sell ourselves short, we instead added the Old Bank of England and then the nearby George as our 9th and 10th pubs, before collapsing onto one of London’s famous drunk-trains which took us safely back to Bedford at some unholy hour of Sunday morning.

The stunning bar at the Princess Louise pub

All in, our Historic Pubs of London walking tour took closer to ten hours than the three hours suggested by the app - although I can’t help thinking we were somewhat to blame for that! But in terms of the information provided, including the extremely easy to follow maps (very important, on a pub crawl) the app in general and the historic pubs walking tour in particular were a resounding success.

the lamb and flag london historic pub crawl

So thank you, GPSMyCity, for the opportunity to review your app, which guided us through a fantastic tour of London seen through the increasingly blurred eyes of a German, French, American, and British alliance of beer drinkers with a passing interest in history, but a deep love of beer!

Win a City Walk App

If you like the sound of this app we have good news for you as the first 20 people who comment on this blog post will win a city walk app for the city of your choice. Just tell me your preferred city from this list of cities and your preferred platform (Android or iOS) in the comment section below. Good luck all (especially if you win and decide to do the pub crawl!).


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38 Thoughts on “Our super Easter give-away (and possibly the wobbliest review ever written)

  1. Now we have done a lot of tours in London - and a lot of days out too - mainly because we live here, but we have never done this one……It’s probably not one to take the kids with, but it really does sound like great fun. And like something good to do with (grown-up!) friends…..Would love to win a London walk app for iOS. Thanks.

  2. I love a good excuse to find new pubs in London. May have to check this app out before I leave the city. Love the the Lamb & Flag is one of the pubs 🙂 Would love to win a walking tour app for Chiang Mai for Android please. Thank you!
    Curious Claire recently posted…Experiencing an Ayurvedic Massage in KeralaMy Profile

  3. What a cool way to go on pub crawl! I’m going to give this app a try in my city and maybe in London too 🙂

    Always Wanderlust (Adonis V.)

  4. The idea of downloading a walking app to your phone and taking off to explore really appeals to me! I don’t happen to drink, so I wouldn’t use the historic pubs app, but I am very interested in all the history! Would love an app for Nice, France for Android please.

  5. I love that you got a bit of history with your pints. I wouldn’t have been able to make it through half of those pubs lol. Would love to win a walking tour app for Washington DC (Android) please. Thanks!

  6. Veronica Urbaniak on March 13, 2022 at 8:39 am said:

    I would love to do a tour of Traverse City, MI, USA - my husband and I have vacationed there before but this would take the cake! Android platform 🙂

  7. What a fun tour! I love that you can take as much time as you want and don’t have to feel rushed. I’d love to do a tour in Miami (Android)!
    Vicky and Buddy recently posted…Magnolia Plantation And Gardens: A Tranquil Retreat in Charleston, South CarolinaMy Profile

  8. As a London local, some great pubs on your pub crawl. I love Lamb and Flag, a perfect pub near the tourist-heavy Covent Garden area. Having a pint in the alley on a nice summer day is a perfect escape from the retail crowd!

    • Sorry, I forgot to mention the city of my choice for the free giveaway! I got stuck on thinking about pints at pubs in London.
      Since my next trip away from London will be to Ljubljana, Slovenia, I think that would be pick. I will only be there for a few days, so a city guide would certainly help get the most out of my time there.
      Drew recently posted…Teeny Tiny LiechtensteinMy Profile

  9. This is such a cool idea for an app. I love that you can take your time and explore on your own. I would love to give this app a try here in Orlando (ios if you’re still feeling generous!)

  10. I would of totally of enjoyed this. 100%. I was so busy visiting family. Well this year I’ll be back so I will book mark your post. Thanks.

  11. What a fantastic way to spend the day in London! I absolutely fell in love with London and especially the historic pubs when I had visited there. We attempted to do our own pub crawl, and it would have been so much easier had we had the GPSmyCity app. I like the idea that history is included about each of the establishments too, what a great way to learn a thing or two. I have been to the Cheshire Cheese and I know the exact fireplace to which you are referring. Such a cozy pub with so much character.
    If you’re still giving away City Walk Apps, I’d love to explore Lisbon, Portugal (Android) Thanks!

  12. Such a fantastic places to go in London!

  13. Oh man, this is a wonderful idea for me since I’m a sucker for the atmosphere of pubs and most especially, beer!!! I’ve heard a lot of great stuff about London food and beverage offerings and there seems to be such a dynamic and exciting culture behind it! Apps would be a cool and easily accessible help in navigating around cities and I’ve learned to appreciate it’s use the past couple of years.

  14. My preferred city would be Osaka, Japan (I’ve never been there and I plan on going in the near future before I leave Asia) and my chosen platform will be Android!
    Trisha Velarmino - P.S. I’m On My Way recently posted…Happy pizza in Cambodia left me insane in the membrane: a high time in Siem ReapMy Profile

  15. Nice post! I am amazed at how easy and informative such apps have made our lives in new cities. I used one recently for a Harvard tour in Boston, and loved it really. I went through your list of places, and surprisingly, we head for puerto rico soon in early April, and would love to use the app in San Juan on my iphone!

  16. This app sound wonderful! Can`t wait to try it!

  17. Brian on March 23, 2022 at 5:38 pm said:

    Great blog…when you mentioned being tired during the crawl I thought ‘come on’. I had to laugh in agreement upon discovering you were 5 hours behind schedule!!

    I hope I’ve made the 20 cut off….I’m visiting London and Dublin soon! Would love the iOS version for London or Dublin. Dublin being my first choice.

  18. This app looks really useful 🙂 I will visit London soon and I will use it 100%

  19. Seriously the pubs are awesome, and the app is really cool.
    Chetan Jadhav recently posted…What to See, Do and Eat in Singapore?My Profile

  20. Love this app! So wish I’d had it on my last visit to London. I spent over an hour planning my one day there. It was a great day but the local help would’ve been most welcome for this solo gal.

  21. Sounds cool. Always looking to try new things. Never been to London

  22. Loved this fun tour - it brings a whole new meaning to “sight-seeing” and having a drink.

  23. Will check it for sure!

  24. Seriously this will make the trip hassle free, really one should make use of this app.
    A fantastic app to be and yeah the historic pubs seems very cool…
    cheers… 🙂
    Aparna recently posted…10 Mistakes to Avoid When Traveling Solo to DubaiMy Profile

  25. I was once in this private bar! It’s nice place.

    Great app 🙂

  26. Bar-app sounds interesting. Will it help me to find the best beer pub in the area?

  27. The historic pubs are really fantastic, super coolll .!!!
    Those bottles out there are looking lovely ;-P he he …
    keep posting Tammyonthemove
    Cheers.. 🙂
    Sagar Kole recently posted…What to See, Do and Eat in Singapore?My Profile

  28. The bar looks nice and aristocratic!

  29. Seems like great app, took you to some nice places 🙂

    • The App kicks a** right!? I have to use it when visiting such places. Finding some old British pubs is a lovely adventure for me and my friends. Cannot wait to tell them.

      • Tammyonthemove on May 27, 2022 at 8:52 pm said:

        I worked in London for 8 years and didn’t know most of these pubs, so the app definitely helped a lot discovering some secret gems.

  30. I am delighted!
    Author genius tourist trips.
    I wish to repeat this walking route for London pubs.

    Thank you for accurate information!

  31. I wish to have a tour in that city. Jealous traveler here. One day I will conquer London!
    Richard Hunsucker recently posted…IM with Jamie ReviewMy Profile

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