The open road is basically freedom. Miles and miles of tarmac with no limits to stop you – what more could you want from an adventure?

There are several famous set road trips around the globe, such as the popular Route 66, as well as the Great Ocean Road in Australia, and you can even plan your own, by going wherever you want! IMG_5431

Planning your pre-flight transport will take a load off your mind, getting you firmly in the mood for your exploration on the open road. I always drive to the airport, pre-booking cheap airport parking to go alongside my flight. I enjoy having the control in my own hands, and I save money when compared to public transport. You’ll find this service nationwide, including smaller, regional airports. I’ve used Bristol Airport parking in the past, and wouldn’t hesitate to do it again. Look at what’s available from your airport, and then you don’t have to worry about public transport or taxi hiccups messing up your travel plans.

There are a few organisational issues you need to sort out with any road trip, the first being insurance. Make sure you’re adequately insured for yourself and your vehicle, and always carry your driving licence, both paper and card copy with you at all times, as well as your passport. Many countries overseas require you to be able to show your papers, and not have them back in the hotel room. It’s also imperative that you do some research into your country of choice regarding whether you are able to drive on your own licence, usually for a set period of time, or whether you need an international licence.

Alongside the legal elements, read up on the driving rules for your destination, such as what side of the road they drive on, and the overtaking rules and speed limits. The rules overseas aren’t always the same as in your home country, and you might find it a bit of culture shock driving on a different side of the road to what you’re used to, so when you first get behind the wheel of your hire car, take it steady, and take your time.

If you’re planning on crossing borders, do a little reading up on regulations etc., and make sure you have your passport and licence paperwork with you. A European road trip will involve crossing borders into different countries and this won’t be so much of a problem, however if you’re travelling around South America for instance, you will need to take safety issues into consideration, as well as any visa requirements.IMG_5328

Whether you choose a set road trip route or whether you design your own, a week or two exploring the open road, stopping as you please, is the total epitome of freedom, and the best chance you’ll have at opening your arms wide, turning your face up to the sun, and breathing in that fresh, fresh air.

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