I already mentioned in my last post about the Holi Festival of Colours that I have fallen completely in love with Kathmandu, Nepal’s wonderful capital. When I drove from Kathmandu airport to our hotel I didn’t think I would like Kathmandu as much actually. It was so dusty that I had to wear a facemask. Poverty and homelessness was omnipresent. Most of the roads were undrivable and there were loads of crumbling or bombed out buildings. Most of this is a sad reminder of the civil war that only ended in 2006.

crumbling building in Kathmandu

crumbling building in Kathmandu 4

slum kathmandu

Makeshift houses in a slum area

However once I reached the city center in Thamel district and ventured out to explore the city a bit more I changed my mind very quickly. This city has some amazing ancient architecture all across the city. The whole place has a hugely relaxed and bohemian feel about it – you could smell why it was relaxed too ;-). This is probably a remnant of the many hippies that came here in the 70ies. There is even a road affectionately named Freak Street in memory of all those hippies.

It is an incredibly colourful city as well with flower offerings, beautiful women in saris and Buddhist monks in their ruby red robes all over the city. The audience in this city was also different compared to other travel hubs in Asia. The crowd was a bit older, more alternative and there were loads of trekkers ready to tackle the Everest Base Camp Trek that we (mostly) did.

monkey temple kathmandu 2

Ancient building and stupas at Swayambhunath, also called the Monkey Temple

flower offerings kathmandu

shop kathmandu

Rice shop with old-fashioned scales

buddhist nun moneky temple

shop in tempel kathmandu

Shop in ancient temple building

prayer flags kathmandu

Buddhist prayer flags

stupa monkey temple

Golden stupa at monkey temple

woman in sari in kathmandu

Walking through the streets was fascinating. There were surprises around every corner, from cheeky monkeys, to burning ghats, holy men and even holy goats.

monkey temple kathmandu

burning ghats

holi goats guarding temple

holi man kathmandu 2
holi man kathmandu

The people were some of the friendliest I have ever met and the most photogenic as well. 🙂

women kathmandu praying man kathmandu

shop vendor kathmandu

street vendor in kathmandu   women chatting kathmandu

postcard seller kathmandu

woman moneky temple

woman kathmandu monkey temple

I have fallen head over heels in love with you Kathmandu and will sure be back one day!

Have you been? What is your favourite city? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below!


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16 Thoughts on “Kathmandu in pictures

  1. Forrest walker on May 10, 2013 at 9:00 am said:

    One of my favorite cities in the world. I have blogged excessively about it. 15

  2. Your photos are beautiful Tammy, and have got me dreaming of dusty days in Kathmandu. We are hoping to head there ourselves next April, and I have a feeling I am going to love it just as much as you do.

    • Tammyonthemove on May 12, 2013 at 7:10 am said:

      Thank you Hannah! I give all the credit to my new DSLR camera. 🙂 You will love it there, I’m sure!

  3. Wonderful pictures. The people are so ethnically varied.
    Bethaney – Flashpacker Family recently posted…40 Tips to Help You Travel Smarter, Cheaper, Safer, Lighter and, errr… Awesomer!My Profile

    • Tammyonthemove on May 12, 2013 at 7:14 am said:

      Thanks very much Bethaney! Yes, I think there are about 102 different castes and ethnicities in Nepal! It’s wonderful!

  4. Wow, the people are INCREDIBLY photogenic! Loved taking this journey with your through your post…I’ve never been myself, but can imagine it’s very powerful to see the transition from the poverty on the outskirts of the city to the life that the people have restored on its inside.
    Jess @UsedYorkCity recently posted…UYC’s Walks: Duffy SquareMy Profile

  5. Your photos are so vibrant! You did a great job of depicting local life in Kathmandu which looks like such a rich city to visit! I don’t know if I have a fave city just yet although Istanbul and Amsterdam are at the top of my ever-growing list!
    Dana Carmel @ Time Travel Plans recently posted…Wanderlust Wednesdays: A Facebook Blog CarnivalMy Profile

  6. This is unlike anyplace I have ever seen! Love your shots
    Andrea recently posted…Beer In France: A Taste Of the CountryMy Profile

  7. Wow – I didn’t realise that the area surrounding Kathmandu is so poor. Love your shots of everyday life in the city.
    jill recently posted…El Hoyo – This Crazy Gringa Climbs A VolcanoMy Profile

  8. Tammyonthemove on May 22, 2013 at 1:24 am said:

    Thank you Jill! Yes, it was pretty poor. The remnants of the civil war. 🙁

  9. Great post and lovely photos. Got me excited as I will be in Kathmandu in September! Can’t wait! 🙂

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