The pulsating city of Buenos Aires has been home to a wide range of famous and influential people throughout the years. When visiting this city, retracing the footsteps of these famous sons and daughters is a great way to get a real feel for this mesmerizing city, known to some as the “Paris of South America.”


The famous Che Guevara – Photo by Shane Patrick via Trover

One of the most famous sons of Buenos Aires is Diego Maradona. Idolized across Argentina, Maradona is rated by many as the most gifted footballer ever. Born in Buenos Aires in 1960, Maradona went on to play for the city’s famous Boca Juniors team, winning his first league championship medal in 1982.  For those wishing to get an idea of the extent to which Maradona is still idolized by locals, a trip to Boca Junior’s iconic stadium and gift shop is a must.

For those more interested in politics, it probably won’t have escaped your attention that Eva Peron, aka Evita, spent much of her life in Buenos Aires. Eva moved to the city in her mid-teens and during her short life made an enormous impact on the city after she became involved in politics through her relationship with Colonel Juan Peron, president of Argentina during the 1940s, 1950s, and 1970s. For those wishing to visit the current site of the executive branch of the Argentinian government, Casa Rosada, is the place to go to get a flavor of where power lies in this hugely political city.

Perhaps the most famous contemporary son of Buenos Aires is the current head of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis. Pope Francis, or Jorge Mario Bergoglio as he was originally born in Buenos Aires, is one of the most charismatic Catholic leaders of modern times. He is known for his strong concern for the poor and also the fact that he was briefly a nightclub bouncer. For those wishing to get an idea of the importance of the Catholic faith while in Buenos Aires, the Metropolitan Cathedral is a good place to start. The Cathedral, which overlooks the Plaza de Mayo, is the main Catholic Church in the city and, like the Pope, started off with humble beginnings, before being expanded numerous times since it was built in the 16th century.

Of all of the most famous one-time inhabitants to have walked the streets of Buenos Aires, perhaps none is more famous than Commandante Che Guevara. Ernesto Guevara, often known simply by the Argentinian prefix “Che,” moved to Buenos Aires University to study medicine, before embarking on his world famous Motorcycle Diaries and then serving as a leading figure in the Cuban Revolution. The Che Guevara museum in Buenos Aires lies on the appropriately named street, Rojas (Reds), and gives a fascinating insight to the life of this world famous revolutionary whose face still adorns T-shirts all over the world.

So if you have an interest in South American history and culture, why not book yourself into one of the many nice hotels in Buenos Aires and follow in the footsteps of its famous sons and daughters?

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