Marrakech is one of Morocco’s most famous cities, and in no other Moroccan city is it as easy to spend your hard-earned money as it is in Marrakech. The eclectic city is home to the famous souks, a maze of stalls that sell everything you could ever wish for. Whether you are after exotic spices to help replicate those gorgeous tagine dinners, rugs to bring the feeling of the classic book “1001 Nights” to your own home, or antique Berber jewelry, Marrakech is the place to let your spending habits run free.


Photo by Caterina Giacchetti via Trover

Practically nothing in the souks has a fixed price, meaning you have to learn how to haggle. If I have learned one thing in Marrakech, it is that the price for anything you want to buy in the souks is negotiable. The general rule of thumb when it comes to haggling is, once the vendor gives you the price, make a counteroffer of around half of that price. The vendor will usually pretend to be outraged and will try and convince you that they are only selling genuine and high quality products, and will then make a counter offer that is not too far away from their original offer.

You have to stay strong at this point. Don’t accept the offer right away, as you now have the chance to suggest the final price you are willing to spend, which should be something between your first offer and the vendors last offer. At this point the vendor will probably tell you a story about how much they need the money and that they can’t simply give away such precious products for nothing. This is when they usually gives you their final offer.

If you genuinely think it is good value for money then make the deal. That said, if you feel like you are being ripped off, one of the most powerful negotiation tactics is the walk-away-method. If the vendor knows they were ripping you off, they will usually give in and let you have the product for the price you suggested. If they genuinely didn’t mean to rip you off and don’t go after you, then you have probably offended them so much that they will be too proud to give in.

Once you have bought a few items you will get the hang of things and know roughly what you should pay for certain products. Remember though that the few dollars you are negotiating over might not make a big difference to you, but might make a huge difference to a vendor feeding their family. As such, always try to stay respectful and don’t try to take advantage. At the end of the day, vendors are just trying to make a living.

As you can see, Marrakech is the perfect place to practise your haggling skills and spend a few cents on unusual souvenirs from your exotic travels. So, with so many great hotels in Marrakech available, and plenty of other things to do in this buzzing metropolis, what are you waiting for?

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