Truckee is a small town situated in Nevada County, California. The town was originally called Coburn Station, but was re-named after a local Paiute Chief who mistakenly became known as called Tru-ki-zo. When Europeans first arrived in the town, the Chief is alleged to have ridden towards them shouting, “Tro-kay,” which in the Paiute language means, “everything is good”. Not understanding the local language at all, the Europeans assumed the Chief was yelling his name and it stuck, including to the town, ever since!


Photo by by Jitka Siguenza via Trover

As well as having a great story behind its name, there are great hotels in Truckee and it is also a fantastic place for outdoor enthusiasts to visit. If, like me, you enjoy spending time in the mountains, a great option is to visit Boreal Mountain Resort where you can try your hand at a range of winter sports including skiing and snowboarding. Families will be pleased to hear that there are also special programs for children, including toddlers. So, if your young ones are old enough to stand, they are probably old enough to learn to ski here. You can also grab a bite to eat here, which is a welcome relief once you’ve spent a few calorie-burning hours on the slopes.


Another great outdoor activity you might wish to pursue is horseback riding at the Piping Rock Equestrian Center, where beginners can learn how to ride. For those with more riding experience under their belts, the center also boasts a full size dressage court, arenas complete with wooden jumps, and numerous forest trails. Families are again well catered for here with after school camps. Be sure to check for opening times as Truckee is of course a town famous for its wildly ranging climate which can see heavy snow in the winter and scorching heat in the summer.


Those of you with a good head for heights, which doesn’t really include me I have to say, will be pleased to hear that from Truckee it is possible to fly. Well, almost anyway, as the Uprising Paragliding Center provides majestic paragliding flights in the area where you and an instructor can soar like an eagle in an experience you are unlikely to ever forget.


Less extreme travellers need not worry, as there are plenty of other more serene things to do in and around Truckee. Fans of museums might well enjoy a trip to the Old Truckee Jail Museum where your tour guide will fill you in on all the criminal justice history in the local area. Another museum option is the cute Truckee Railroad Museum where adults and children alike can indulge their love of trains by playing on full-size train sets.


After a long day spent in the mountains or visiting the local museums that Truckee has to offer, it is likely you will have built up a thirst. If so, fear not, because such problems can be easily solved at the Truckee River Winery on Brockway Road. I challenge you to think of a better way to end your day than that?

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