Tokyo is without doubt one of the world’s most impressive cities. Japan’s capital is home to at least 9 million people, or 13 million if you count the wider prefecture. If you count the whole metropolis, then Tokyo can be said to be home to almost 40 million citizens, a staggering amount of people totaling around two-thirds of the population of the UK, or one-half of the population of Germany. Tokyo is also continuing to grow at a rapid rate as even though the overall population of Japan is actually shrinking, the process of urbanisation means Japanese people are still flocking to the bright lights of the metropolis from across Japan’s countryside, and it’s not that hard to see why. A throbbing nightlife scene, great shopping facilities, and more Michelin stars than any other city in the world, Tokyo is a city worthy of being on anyone’s bucket list.


Asakusa Shrine – Photo by Jennykosan via Trover


Due to the large number of attractions on offer in Tokyo, pretty much any visitor will be able to find something to do which suits their tastes. Cultural types can enjoy one of the many superb museums throughout the city, including the Edo-Tokyo museum, with exhibits presenting a fascinating history of both Tokyo and Japanese culture more widely, or the Nezu Museum, which displays beautiful paintings, as well as statues and sculptures in the meticulously kept gardens.

For those who enjoy the outdoors and a touch of fresh air, Tokyo is also home to some fantastic parks where you can escape the hustle and bustle of this hugely energetic city. Parks include the Uneno park, which is home to numerous other museums such as the National Science Museum and even a zoo, or Yoyogi park, a great place to hire a bike and get a bit of exercise while you are enjoying the some of the green space available in and around Tokyo. Both parks are particularly impressive during Cherry Blossom season, when tourists flock to the area with cameras at the ready, hoping to capture photos of captivatingly beautiful trees which may well become screen savers for years to come.

For those who have built up an appetite wandering around the parks, the good news is that Tokyo is not short of restaurants – not by a long shot! For those with money to burn – and bearing in mind Tokyo has long been one of the more expensive cities in the world, although relatively less so in recent years – there are a number of world-leading restaurants throughout the city. Or for those feeling a little less flush, but a little more creative, it is possible to take one of the many food tours the city has to offer instead. Some even give you the opportunity to learn how to make your very own sushi.  It doesn’t get much more Japanese than that!

So with great restaurants, parks, and museums, not to mention nightlife and shopping amenities, surely now’s the time to book yourself onto a flight and into one of the many hotels in Tokyo, and tick off another destination from that bucket list!


Disclaimer: I am a freelancer for Hipmunk and am currently working on their #hipmunkcitylove project.


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