Singapore is one of those rare places in the world that is technically both a city and a country at the same time. Even though this city-state and island is therefore relatively small in size, it is home to over five million densely packed inhabitants. What’s more, following what some describe as an economic miracle since its independence in the 1960s, Singapore is a highly developed nation with facilities to match. Any visitors to this marvelous little corner of southeast Asia will not be short of things to do.


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When my husband and I visited Singapore a few years ago, the first thing that hit us as we stepped off the plane was the humidity. As such, we made sure our first stop during our little holiday was something nice and relaxing, and what could be more relaxing than sampling one of the world-famous Singapore Sling cocktails in Raffles hotel. Although be prepared to be slightly less relaxed when your bill arrives, as such treats don’t come cheap in this very wealthy part of the world.


A slightly cheaper option to ease you into the hot and hectic city-state is to take a ride on one of the fantastically named bum boats. These little vessels will take you on a laid-back cruise of Singapore’s waterways and are a great way of getting your bearings. In fact, they are probably the local equivalent of a tour bus, complete with an on-board tour guide to point out all of the famous sites Singapore has to offer, ranging from grand colonial buildings from the days of the British, to huge modern skyscrapers, which make the skyline in Singapore one of the most famous in the world. These huge buildings look especially impressive when they are all lit up at nighttime.
One of the most iconic parts of any bum boat tour is when you arrive at Marina Bay Sands. The huge hotel is probably one of the most recognizable hotels in the world and for those with a little bit of cash to burn, it is possible to take an elevator to the top and enjoy a drink on their terrace, providing fantastic views of the whole city-state. 

There are also less grand and expensive things to do in Singapore. One museum that we particularly enjoyed was the Asian Civilisations Museum, which sits on a beautiful location by the harbor. Alternatively, fans of the great outdoors can enjoy one of the many floral wonders that Singapore has to offer, including the National Orchid Garden, Gardens by the Bay, or Singapore’s official Botanic Gardens, all of which can be explored at a nice, leisurely pace, giving you plenty of time to explore the wide range of stunning plant-life, which flourishes in this tropical part of the world.


So whether you like a bustling nightlife, cruises along historic waterways, or just strolling around perfectly manicured gardens, or you want to stay in one of the many trendy hotels in Singapore, the thriving city-state of Singapore has something for everyone. The only question remaining is – What are you waiting for? 

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