Italy is one of the classiest countries in the world. With fancy food, fast cars, and a fashion scene to die for, Italy is a country where people-watchers are in for a treat. Within this ultra slick country, the city of Milan is probably the most trendy of all. Located in the wealthier north of Italy, Milan’s fashion scene rivals the biggest in the world including London, New York, and Paris. So if you ever fancy some high-class shopping, or alternatively already have some classy attire which you’d like to show off, Milan is one of the best places in the world to do it.

As well as being a city for the fashion conscious, Milan also has a number of other treats for those lucky enough to pay her a visit. The spectacular Milan Cathedral, or Duomo di Milano to give it its Italian name, is one of the largest churches in the world. So large is this unmistakably gothic masterpiece that it took almost 600 years to build. So whether you are a faithful Catholic, or just a curious outsider, the Milan Cathedral is a must-see attraction for anyone visiting this wonderful city.


On the roof of the Duomo – Photo by Emely’s Adventures via Trover

Being an Italian city, the other obvious allure of Milan is the fantastic food on offer. Whether you are a fan of pizza, spaghetti, or my personal favourite, gnocchi, you would struggle to walk for more than five minutes without stumbling across a lovely little restaurant to satisfy your appetite. Of course in this part of the world it would also be rude not to partake in an accompanying glass of wine to help you relax into your city break in this incredible corner of the world.

For the sporting types, it won’t have escaped your attention that Milan is home to one of the biggest football rivalries in world sport. If a local asks you whether you prefer AC Milan or Inter Milan, be sure to have a diplomatic answer up your sleeve, or failing that make a friend or enemy for life.

For those wishing to avoid the complexities and competitiveness which inevitably comes with Milanese football, Milan is also a city with a wide range of cultural treats on offer. Art fans will be especially spoilt with works on display including famous sculptures by Michelangelo, not to mention the world-famous “Last Supper” by Leonardo Di Vinci, a painting which took on additional fame following the famous Dan Brown books and films about secret codes behind such famous works of art. Yet another option for lovers of culture is La Scala opera house, arguably the most famous opera house in the world. For those lucky (and patient) enough to get hold of tickets, the chance to enjoy a performance of one of the classic operas by Puccini or Verdi is something not to be missed.

So if you like fine wine, delicious food, fashionable clothing, and an unrivalled cultural scene, Milan could well be the perfect city break destination for you.
Disclaimer: I am a freelancer for Hipmunk and I am currently working on their #hipmunkcitylove project. 

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