We’ve only been here just over a week and already we’ve had the honour of being invited to a wedding. A indication of now incredibly warm and welcoming Cambodian people are! It was a typical Buddhist ceremony, and everything was really beautiful and colourful.What an absolutely stunning day. Wow!

wedding inviteInvite

A selection of the offering's made to the bride and groom.
A close up of some of the more practical gifts?
Local dancers perform a traditional Khmer dance routine before the ceremony.
The beautiful, happy couple with dashing bride's maids and ushers.

Amazing dress number 2 – for the Chinese
part of the ceremony (we think there must have been
a Chinese link from the groom’s side).

Chris and his new best friend, a Lt Gen from the Cambodian army who, incredibly, studied for three months at Cranfield University about 5 miles from where we live in Bedford! It took Chris a fair while to explain to where the rank of Marine (Private) sits compared to Lt Gen. They settled on ‘just below’, which ranks as one of the biggest understatements I’ve heard for a while.

Outfit number 3, for the spiritual ceremony.

Treated like royalty. Which is so very typical of Cambodian hospitality.
Tammy is wearing a traditional outfit by the way.

Stunning outfit number 4 for the evening reception.

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2 Thoughts on “Getting hitched in Cambodia

  1. Anonymous on November 12, 2011 at 10:02 pm said:

    so pretty!!! wie gehts euch sonst? gefällts euch? dicker kuss und lieben gruß, katja

  2. Danke! Uns geht’s super. Wir lieben Kambodscha! Alle sind so nett zu uns. Wir laden bald mehr Fotos hoch, das dauert hier ein bisschen laenger wegen der langsamen Verbindung, aber wenigstens gib’t hier Internet. Ganz dickes Bussi zurueck!!!

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