Going on vacation can be quite expensive. Especially when you want to get around and really experience the culture and sights the country you’re visiting has to offer. Most of the time it’s more comfortable to get around by car instead of public transport. This way you can go wherever you want, whenever you want. Renting a car is one thing, but buying gas can really make your trip expensive. Well guess what? There’s an app that solves this problem: ‘Gas Guru: Cheap Gas Prices’.

What it does

Gas Guru uses your GPS signal to locate where you are and makes a map that highlights gas stations around you. That’s not the only thing it does though, it also shows the current gas price for each gas station. You can see which station has the cheapest gas, so that you’ll be able to save money! The best thing is, it’s available in over 50 countries!

How it works

When Gas Guru shows you the map with all the gas stations nearby, you can choose if you want to see the prices for regular gas, premium, mid-grade or diesel. The gas station that is marked with a star, is the one with the best price for your selection. You can also change the map into an organized list of gas stations nearby, by clicking on the button in the bottom right corner. When you choose for a gas station you have two options: you can click on the directions button or you can choose to call the gas station.

Extra features

Gas Guru compares gas prices near your work, school, home or wherever you want instead of only places that are near. You can also use this app on your Apple Watch!

If you like saving some extra money when you’re on a trip (who doesn’t really?), you could use a prepaid phone to cut telephone costs. At www.recharge.com you can easily buy credit online for over 300 carriers in more than 70 different countries.


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