If you spend a few days in Phnom Penh and you managed to see all the usual tourist attractions such as the Killing Fields, Royal Palace or the Central Market, then I recommend approaching a trusted tuk tuk driver of your choice to venture out in the lesser-visited sites around Phnom Penh. A few weeks ago we visited the ancient and remote ruins of Ta Prohm about 30km south of Phnom Penh.
Ta Prohm
Ta Phrom

Ta Prohm is not to be mistaken for its famous sister, the root overgrown temple near Angkor Wat, which is also called Ta Prohm. This temple is only a few minutes away from Tonle Bati, so you can combine a visit very easily. What I really like about this temple is that unlike the temples in Angkor you will have this one almost completely to yourself.

Being a child of the 80ies I grew up with Indiana Jones movies, and secretly I always wanted to have similar adventures. At Ta Prohm, with its setting amidst the jungle, the overgrown ruins and no soul around you, I really felt like Indiana Jones about to find an ancient treasure - minus the whip, as that could be easily misunderstood by some people. 🙂 I could have spent hours at the ruins. Maybe I can be an archeologist in my next life.

Me having an Indiana Jones moment
Nature taking over


Local women floating on lake

The only slightly annoying thing at Ta Prohm are the rather persistent children trying to sell you incents or lotus flowers for offerings inside the temple. I recommend that you never buy anything from children whilst in Cambodia. A lot of parents take them out of school, as it is more profitable for them to send their children to work. Whilst I understand that the parents are often desperately poor, this is not going to help them in the long run and is still exploitation and child labour in my eyes. Anyway, enough of my moaning.

Children trying to sell to other tourists

Opposite Ta Prohm is another really beautiful, but more modern temple complex, which is also well worth a visit. The temple is called Yeay Peau, and boasts live sized statues, ancient stupas and delicate ornaments.

Midday sun reflecting off the roof

Yeay Peau was built beside a leftover ruin of Ta Phrom

Have you been to Ta Prohm and have you found your inner Indiana Jones somewhere too? I would love to hear about it.

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9 Thoughts on “Finding my inner Indiana Jones at the remote Ta Prohm Temple

  1. I’m so glad you posted this - I hadn’t heard of it before! I have a feeling that my Partner In Crime and I are going to be having a bit of a daytrip in the upcoming weeks! Great photos!

  2. Great find Tammy! Looks a lot more relaxing and peaceful than the temples in and around Angkor.

    I went to Bagan in Burma a few years ago (before it was “cool”) in the peak of the hot season and I pretty much had the entire place to myself. It was indeed very Doctor Jones.

  3. I love discovering hidden gems, every place has so many beyond the msot typical tourist treats.

  4. And only an easy tuk-tuk ride from Phnom Penh 🙂 Great pics! Have you bean to the animal sanctuary yet?

  5. Very nice article about Cambodia. Keep it up.

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