Now that we are moving from the hot season to the very hot season, there seems to be an increasing number of little green intruders trying to squat in our apartment. Which would be fine but for the fact, like Englishmen on a Friday night, they seem to enjoy singing (or chirping) louder and louder as the night progresses.

If you have ever tried to to catch a gecko you know what you are up against, so out of desperation for advice on evicting these little fellas, we sourced the internet for tips which ranged from the impractical, to the philosophical, to the downright mean:

  • They are awesome fun when they get into your air con and blow it up.
  • Use your Ninja like reflexes, catch them and throw them in the pool.
  • Doesn’t matter – adjust.
  • I love geckos. It is like having your own mini dinosaur.
  • There is no need to murder them.
  • Move to Sweden.
  • Get a cat. Once it has gotten rid of the gecko, get a dog to get rid of the cat. Get a lion to get rid of the dog, and a dinosaur to get rid of the lion…
  • Cover your walls in glue.
  • I have a pressure pump and loaded it with a Dettol mix – I can tell you first hand they don’t like that at all.
  • Get a 50l plastic tub, paint a 20cm wide strip of Vaseline around the top on the inside. Get some crickets and dump the lot in the tub, including some cardboard. Leave the tub sit somewhere in your house overnight and you will find the geckos go in for food and use the cardboard to hide in. Just take them outside to let them go.
  • Why would you want to get rid of geckos? They are so cool!”


For anyone who would like to know a little more about geckos, below are a few key facts:

  • In Malaysia and Singapore the gecko is called ‘cheek chak’; in the Phillipines ‘tuko’; in Thailand ‘jing jok’; and in Cambodia ‘chhin chhos’.
  • Geckos can run up to 30 mph, making them faster than Usain Bolt.
  • Some geckos can run on water, earning them the nickname ‘Jesus-Lizard’.
  • They belong to the Geckonidae family.
  • They have a distinct chirping sound to perform social interaction with other geckos.
  • Geckos can cling to almost any surface without the use of liquids or surface tension, because each of their toes has thousands of tips.
  • In 2012 Rango became the first ever gecko to win an Oscar.

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2 Thoughts on “Dinosaur hunt

  1. Amazing advice. I generally just let them be. I think they’re pretty cute.

  2. Thanks Arianwen. I think the cover your wall in glue one is my favourite. 🙂 We have made our peace with them now as well. They are actually pretty sweet, especially the baby ones.

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