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Last week was my last week at Youth Star Cambodia. Having spend the last year as part of their team, helping with the fantastic work that they do for young Cambodians, it felt terribly sad to say goodbye. Below are some photos from my leaving meal, or if you’d like more detail about my thoughts Read More →

A few photos from Bangkok, where Chris has been for a Security and Justice conference… A thunderstorm, about to make the 14th floor infinity pool even more exciting Chris and his colleagues from their offices across Asia including China, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Nepal, the Philippines, Laos, and many more besides….Luckily everyone Read More →

I’ve been back in the field again this week which is always something of an adventure. We were hosting some guests from a British foundation who asked to come and see Youth Star’s work and real life Cambodia first hand. As always, the first step when visiting rural communities is to seek the approval of Read More →

Volunteering in Cambodia is a real eye-opener. I’ve spent the last week visiting rural communities across eastern Cambodia, searching for suitable recipient projects for Youth Star’s next batch of volunteers. Our volunteers are recently graduated Cambodians who we support to go out into the countryside, both to help educate local communities about various issues, but Read More →

Our six month placements finish at the end of April meaning we were on the verge of booking flights home when….we got offered the chance to stick around and try our hands at consultancy (sooo ex-civil service!). So given the chance to stay a little longer in Cambodia, surrounded by the world’s smiliest people, who Read More →

Most of our time is spent living in the relative comfort of the capital, Phnom Penh, but we are fortunate enough to spend time working in the field too. Below is a slightly random selection of photos from two provinces where we recently worked on various challenging issues.

We can’t believe that we have been here for three months already. Time really flies by when you are enjoying yourself. We came across many wonderful things, and of course a few not quite so wonderful things, but in the end we came to the conclusion that we have fallen completely in love with Cambodia Read More →

We’ve been working here in Cambodia for one month now and are very much enjoying our respective placements. Our roles are similar to what we used to do in the UK, but there are a few differences which might be worth pointing out. So below is a list comparing a typical work-day in the UK Read More →