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After our half-day tour to the Uros Islands, we went back onto our (relative) speed boat to head to the beautiful Taquile Island. Unlike the Uros Islands, Taquile island is a natural island on lake Titicaca and has about 2,200 inhabitants in total. Once on the island we did a 30 minute hike to the island’s highest point of Read More →

At 3,812m, lake Titicaca is the world’s highest navigable lake, covering almost 8,400 square kilometres. The lake is home to the floating Uros Islands, 42 stunning man-made islands made completely out of reeds. The Uros people, who existed in this part of South America well before the Incas, initially built the islands as a defence mechanism so when a threat arose Read More →

As our last give-away was so popular I have partnered with the British outdoor specialists, Blacks, for an awesome Berghaus Capacitor 35 backpack give-away. Of course I wouldn’t just give away a product that I haven’t tested myself, so I put the backpack through its paces while hiking in the British countryside, and then during my current Read More →

Those who know me know that I love photography and that I drag my trusted camera around with me always. To protect it I usually put it into a bog-standard black camera protection bag but there are two things I don’t like about those bags: the fact they are usually pretty ugly and also that they scream ‘expensive camera’ to potential thieves. Read More →

I spent last week in Bangkok taking part in a UN entry test. By which I mean almost inevitably failing a UN entry test. It was a grueling exam for their Young Professional Program that lasted 4.5 hours in total and to make matters worse, the whole thing was a written exam. Which bearing in Read More →

Since the trekking season to Everest Base Camp has just started I have been receiving a few emails from readers about what to pack for this trek. I am currently going over my packing list for various treks for our upcoming South America move, and so I know how confusing it can be, so I Read More →

On Travel Gear Tuesdays I review travel or blogging related products. These are usually products I genuinely love, but if I don’t I will tell you so as well. Follow at #TGT. Today’s review is an Icebreaker shirt review: Brands like to make bold, boastful claims – they call it marketing. Lynx would have you Read More →

Each month I get a few emails from readers asking about my camera, my travel gear, and my blogging setup, so in my new series Travel Gear Tuesday (#TGT) I review travel or blogging related products that I genuinely love, and if I don’t I will tell you as well. Since photography is an important Read More →