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Having survived three attempted bag-snatches or muggings over the past three years – yep, only attempted as¬†the would-be thieves were clearly too scared of my right hook since I’ve received boxing training from a Cuban Olympic coach in Cambodia. ūüôā – I know all too well that pickpocketing is common during travels and that every Read More →

When I bought my beloved iPhone last year I was petrified that I would drop it one day, not least because I am probably the clumsiest person in the world. I know so many people who have dropped their iPhone resulting in cracked screens or worse.¬†So before we embarked on our South American adventure I Read More →

We have all been there at one stage in our travel life: you have been travelling for hours, possibly next to a screaming baby for the entire time, you are tired and all you want to do is to¬†fall into your comfy hotel room bed. But often for those of us who can’t afford five Read More →

Learning Spanish in South America¬†is something I have wanted to do ever since I left high school. In my opinion it is much easier learning a new language when you actually live in that country and are exposed to the language on a daily basis. Although I should have, I actually didn’t learn much English Read More →

Whenever I pack my bags for travelling I always face the same dilemma: do I pack¬†stylish¬†attire or practical clothing? In¬†an ideal world I’d take clothes with me that tick both boxes, i.e. clothes that dry quickly and don’t crease, but at the same time look elegant enough for a night out or for work. Thankfully¬†I Read More →

It was raining heavily and the slippery gravel underneath me felt like it¬†could give way any minute, sending me plummeting to my certain death. The dense fog made it very difficult to see more than 10m at a time and my heart was pounding with every additional meter I cycled. The sheer drops right next Read More →

Americans call them fanny packs, Brits call them bum bags, and¬†they were THE style accessory of the 90ies. These hip bags often look¬†extremely¬†tacky and¬†often¬†come in nasty¬†neon colours, but (a big BUT) the fact is¬†they are actually really handy for travellers. But Tammy, they are so ugly, I hear you say. Yes that’s true, but this Read More →

When I told Chris we’d been offered the opportunity to review a hostel in La Paz, Bolivia, his reaction was the same as it always is with all things social media related – ‘yeah, whatever’. But when I told him the name of the hostel was Adventure Brew Bed & Breakfast, suddenly I had his Read More →