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When I travel, I like to do so in comfortable clothes, especially in hot countries. Most women will probably be with me on this but for me, there is nothing worse than wearing an uncomfortable bra while you are hot. So when the good people from The Travel Bra company approached me to test out Read More →

Since publishing my ultimate Ghana travel guide, I have received quite a few questions about what kind of clothes to pack for a visit to this tropically corner of West Africa. Having lived in Ghana for over a year, I developed a pretty good idea about what type of things would be useful and not so useful Read More →

The mission:  When the good people at asked me to review their London walking tours app, it gave me the perfect excuse to visit my former colleagues during my spring break in the UK. The app covers a wide range of different walking tours. For example we could have chosen Shakespeare’s London, Bridges of London, Buckingham Palace Read More →

Have you ever grown tired of bog-standard leggings and wished you could design your own? Then look no further because the new clothing brand Pins to Kill offers a wide range of custom-made leggings that will help you show off your shapely legs in any situation. I have been asked to review one of their leggings to see if they are travel Read More →

Going on vacation can be quite expensive. Especially when you want to get around and really experience the culture and sights the country you’re visiting has to offer. Most of the time it’s more comfortable to get around by car instead of public transport. This way you can go wherever you want, whenever you want. Read More →

For long-term travels I usually travel with a 65l backpack and a 35l daypack. In my daypack, also known as my mobile office, I usually store my laptop, a book, a jacket, my DSLR camera, and other electronics and valuables, so I need a fair bit of space. However, on short sightseeing trips I always find that my daypack is far Read More →

I loath packing and living out of a messy backpack, which I think has to do with the fact that I am German and therefore genetically predisposed towards order. I remember painfully the days when I would just throw everything in my backpack and hope for the best. Of course I never found anything and the Read More →

A lot of people loath packing, but I actually love it. Before each trip I carefully draft a packing list and tick it off one by one to ensure I don`t forget anything. Yes, I may be a bit OCD and an overly organized German, but at least I can now provide you guys with Read More →