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I try to be a responsible traveller and do my best to support local people, community enterprises, and dedicate my time to long-term volunteering. But I’m guilty of something. I have engaged in bad tourism practice by riding on the back of an elephant during an overnight jungle trek in Cambodia. The trek was promoted Read More →

I spent last week in Bangkok taking part in a UN entry test. By which I mean almost inevitably failing a UN entry test. It was a grueling exam for their Young Professional Program that lasted 4.5 hours in total and to make matters worse, the whole thing was a written exam. Which bearing in Read More →

Once we said our goodbyes to Cambodia it was time for some touristy downtime in Thailand. As we didn’t have much time before our flight back home to London we decided to spend a few days in The city of angels, the great city, the residence of the Emerald Buddha, the impregnable city (of Ayutthaya) Read More →

A few photos from Bangkok, where Chris has been for a Security and Justice conference… A thunderstorm, about to make the 14th floor infinity pool even more exciting Chris and his colleagues from their offices across Asia including China, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Nepal, the Philippines, Laos, and many more besides….Luckily everyone Read More →