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Recent developments in Europe have reminded Chris and I just how European we are. After all, I have family roots in Germany, and Chris has roots in England and Italy. These roots just might be the reason that three of our favourite cities are Berlin, London, and Rome. We’ve been lucky enough to visit these cities Read More →

Arkansas and Alabama are two of the most naturally beautiful States in America, so it comes as no surprise that outdoor adventurers flock here from every corner of the globe. With plenty of adventure on offer in the sky, on the water, and on land, you’ll never be bored with a trip to one of Read More →

The Northeast of the United States is a perfectly location to delve deep into the history that built this country, all while experiencing the conveniences of modern life. Step back into history and explore this country’s deep roots, all while enjoying comfortable accommodations and amenities. Roanoke Roanoke, VA. for instance, is now well-known as a Read More →

Gas prices are down, the temperature is heating up, and travelers are inevitably looking to take advantage of both this summer. In fact, with all the sunny news about oil prices you may be itching to plan an escape of your own. But summer is three whole months long, airfare is usually priced at a premium, Read More →

Disclaimer: This post was originally published on Frugal Frolicker on 11th April 2016. Traveling in California? Consider basing yourself in one of these towns near Los Angeles and San Francisco: Bakersfield Bakersfield’s tagline is “More to explore!”, which is encouraging to those traveling to California. One must-do outdoor activity in this town is white water Read More →

Travelers that want to find a combination of beauty, history, hospitality, and sunshine need to consider visiting the South. The South has something for everyone. Whether you want a taste of bourbon in Kentucky or to relax by the water in Maryland, there is a southern city that matches your needs. Check out the 5 Read More →

Chicago, known worldwide as the windy city, is home to ample attractions to keep tourists occupied. Located by Lake Michigan, it is famous for its bold skyline comprising incredible architecture. If you would like to visit Chicago but don’t know yet what to do when you get there or where to stay, then you can Read More →

For travelers who would like to experience a traditional Asian feel, but with a hypermodern twist, Singapore is the ideal place to visit. It is full of history and beautiful colonial architecture, but at the same time it also boasts an incredible array of modern skyscrapers that make New York look positively old-fashioned. If you Read More →