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Have you ever grown tired of bog-standard leggings and wished you could design your own? Then look no further because the new clothing brand Pins to Kill offers a wide range of custom-made leggings that will help you show off your shapely legs in any situation. I have been asked to review one of their leggings to see if they are travel Read More →

I spent last week in Bangkok taking part in a UN entry test. By which I mean almost inevitably failing a UN entry test. It was a grueling exam for their Young Professional Program that lasted 4.5 hours in total and to make matters worse, the whole thing was a written exam. Which bearing in Read More →

On Travel Gear Tuesdays I review travel or blogging related products. These are usually products I genuinely love, but if I don’t I will tell you so as well. Follow at #TGT. Today’s review is an Icebreaker shirt review: Brands like to make bold, boastful claims – they call it marketing. Lynx would have you Read More →