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When I travel, I like to do so in comfortable clothes, especially in hot countries. Most women will probably be with me on this but for me, there is nothing worse than wearing an uncomfortable bra while you are hot. So when the good people from The Travel Bra company approached me to test out Read More →

The mission:  When the good people at asked me to review their London walking tours app, it gave me the perfect excuse to visit my former colleagues during my spring break in the UK. The app covers a wide range of different walking tours. For example we could have chosen Shakespeare’s London, Bridges of London, Buckingham Palace Read More →

Have you ever grown tired of bog-standard leggings and wished you could design your own? Then look no further because the new clothing brand Pins to Kill offers a wide range of custom-made leggings that will help you show off your shapely legs in any situation. I have been asked to review one of their leggings to see if they are travel Read More →

Having survived three attempted bag-snatches or muggings over the past three years - yep, only attempted as the would-be thieves were clearly too scared of my right hook since I’ve received boxing training from a Cuban Olympic coach in Cambodia. 🙂 - I know all too well that pickpocketing is common during travels and that every Read More →

When I bought my beloved iPhone last year I was petrified that I would drop it one day, not least because I am probably the clumsiest person in the world. I know so many people who have dropped their iPhone resulting in cracked screens or worse. So before we embarked on our South American adventure I Read More →

Whenever I pack my bags for travelling I always face the same dilemma: do I pack stylish attire or practical clothing? In an ideal world I’d take clothes with me that tick both boxes, i.e. clothes that dry quickly and don’t crease, but at the same time look elegant enough for a night out or for work. Thankfully I Read More →

Each month I get a few emails from readers asking about my camera, my travel gear, and my blogging setup, so in my new series Travel Gear Tuesday (#TGT) I review travel or blogging related products that I genuinely love, and if I don’t I will tell you as well. Since photography is an important Read More →

Each month I quite a few emails asking about my camera, my travel gear, and my blogging setup, so I thought it might be helpful to write about some of my favourite products here on my blog. In my new series Travel Gear Tuesday (#TGT) I will review travel or blogging related products that I Read More →