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We have finally found a little apartment in the heart of Phnom Penh. This flat is more modern and better equipped than our house in the UK! Kitchen Bathroom Bedroom Living room with cable TV (yeah baby) View from our balcony

We’ve only been here just over a week and already we’ve had the honour of being invited to a wedding. A indication of now incredibly warm and welcoming Cambodian people are! It was a typical Buddhist ceremony, and everything was really beautiful and colourful.What an absolutely stunning day. Wow! Invite A selection of the offering’s Read More →

How many people you think fit on a scooter or a pushbike? 1-2 people I hear you say. Well Cambodians see this differently… 😉 There is room for three on a bike On this scooter for 4 Or five for that matter! (the one behind the helium guy who’s in danger of doing an ET) Read More →