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And so another working-week bites the dust. Yay. And after 11 months in Phnom Penh we’ve pretty much perfected our Saturday social routine. It goes something like this… Dinner by the pool. Pizza, pasta, and a glass of wine. We’re off to a flyer!…. I keep telling him to swim before he drinks. He doesn’t Read More →

Each country usually has some kind of traditional dance for which they are (in)famous. There is Morris Dancing in the UK (people whacking sticks together), the Schuhplattler in Germany (people whacking their hands and legs together) or the Tango in Argentina (people whacking their…..anyway). Cambodia’s traditional dance is the Apsara dance. The dance is probably Read More →

In Cambodia, cars tend to be used only by wealthy locals or sweaty foreigners, so the majority of people get by with bicycles or motos. Which can make transporting people fun, but goods a little challenging…. Eggs on a moto – what could possibly go wrong!? Not sure if he is selling helium balloons, or Read More →

An ancient drum at Wat Phnom in Phnom Penh

Health & Safety? Pah!

Wat Phnom (“Hill temple”) is one of Phnom Penh’s most significant sights. It is here that the city of Phnom Penh (“Penh’s Hill”) was founded in 1373. Legend has it that Daun Penh, a wealthy widow, found a large koki tree in the river. Inside the tree she found four bronze statues of the Buddha. Read More →

Today marks the birthday of Cambodia’s King Norodom Sihamoni (full title Preah Karuna Preah Bat Sâmdach Preah Bâromneath Norodom Sihamoni Nai Preah Reacheanachak Kampuchea, roughly translating as His Majesty, King Norodom Sihamoni of the Kingdom of Cambodia). The King turned 59 this year, meaning he was born roughly when Britain’s own Queen (full title Her Read More →

Yesterday officially marked the beginning of the rice growing season which is celebrated with the Royal Ploughing Ceremony. It also marks the beginning of the rainy season and boy did it rain. Two hours of rain in the afternoon was enough to flood the roads and without a decent drainage system in place my usual Read More →