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After the ‘Capture the Colour‘ photo competition, there is a brand new competition open for bloggers that I am excited to take part in. Southern Cross Travel Insurance have just started their ‘What does adventure mean to you?’ competition. They would like to know from bloggers what adventure means to them and all you need Read More →

When you live in a foreign country it is all very exciting, but on days like Christmas even travel fans like me can become a bit melancholic. I started badly missing mulled wine, German Christmas cookies and markets, and of course family in the build up to the big day. So there was really only Read More →

For a long time now, probably since time began, Father Chris-tmas has lived a cold and isolated existence in the frosty wastelands of Lapland, travelling around on a sled pulled by a band of merry reindeers. But finally he’s had enough of the long dark nights and constantly drunk reindeers and so he’s decided to move Read More →