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This week’s photo of the week was taken at a tea plantation in the beautiful Cameron Highlands - Malaysia  

Now that we have travelled through Malaysia for the past two weeks we can provide you with tips on 3 things you should never say in Malaysia: 1. “It’s only a mile, we can walk that!” You can’t. It’s either too hot or raining too heavily. Or both. And why would you when public transport Read More →

There are so many things to do in Malaysia, but we only had two weeks so we just traveled to Kuala Lumpur and the Cameron Highlands. The Cameron Highlands  in the north of the country are famous for their tea plantations, and strange creatures, as we found out. Below are some photos of some of Read More →

First pathetic news from the tropics: we have checked out of our first guest house and into a hotel already. There was a massive infestation of some kind of bed bugs. As we didn’t fancy the prospect of being eaten alife by the bed bugs we politely pretended to reception that we are off to Read More →