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It’s been a while…With the exception of a few Facebook posts, we’ve been a little quiet on the blogging front over the past year or so. Reason being, ever since we left Colombia in May last year, our lives have been a little more complicated than expected. The Englishman moved to Germany and so being Read More →

There seems to be a fairly widespread feeling that by and large, 2015 wasn’t one of the world’s best years. Which makes us all the more excited that this sorry excuse for a year is now behind us, and 2016 lies tantalisingly before us. In an effort to make the most of the year we Read More →

During my road trip through Germany I visited some dear friends of mine in Duesseldorf. Being the perfect hosts they took a few days off work to be our personal tour guides. The Ruhr area in Germany is not exactly the most exciting part for tourists (unless you like football), however it is an area Read More →

I was chuffed to discover so many unusual things to do in Berlin when I visited recently. I actually really like visiting traditional sights when I am on holiday, but finding alternative things to do is often even better. 5 days gave me plenty of time to find some things to do in Berlin that Read More →

With the exeption of the Killing Fields in Cambodia, there are not many sightseeing tours that left me as emotional as some of the tours I have done during my visit to Berlin. As a visitor to Berlin you will no doubt be exposed to the remnants of the Berlin wall. Learning a bit more Read More →

For a number of family reasons, and thanks to Chris having fantastic bosses, we were able to take a break in April after our Nepal trek, so that I could spend some quality time back in Germany. First stop of my little tour through Germany was Berlin. I’ve been to Berlin numerous times so have Read More →

Chris and I spent much of April and early May back in Europe visiting friends and family. I headed off to Germany for the most part (more on that next week) where eventually, after two weeks gallivanting around the UK and France, Chris finally caught up with me in order to celebrate his birthday, German-style. Read More →

As a German it has long puzzled me that only one nation in the world is considered so good that it is officially entitled ‘Great’, and that of all the nations to chose from it was Britain that got the unique accolade. So on my recent return home for a four week break from Cambodia Read More →