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So after an epically delayed flight from Madrid, we have finally made it to Peru for some well-deserved (arguably) downtime before I begin my one-month Spanish immersion course. On our first day I had a number of options to begin my cultural exposure to Peru but after a testing 36 hour journey from London, I decided that I Read More →

When I moved to Cambodia two years ago one of the first snacks I was introduced to was like something out of my worst nightmares. I was once on my way to a field trip with work and when we stopped for a break a lady with a basket full of fried tarantulas on her Read More →

After the ‘Capture the Colour‘ photo competition, there is a brand new competition open for bloggers that I am excited to take part in. Southern Cross Travel Insurance have just started their ‘What does adventure mean to you?’ competition. They would like to know from bloggers what adventure means to them and all you need Read More →

On Flashback Fridays I reflect back on some of my past travels and travel mishaps before I started this blog (follow on #FlashbackFri): A few years ago I did an Amazon Jungle Tour in Ecuador where I was trying to fulfill my dream of being an explorer. In true explorer fashion we embarked on a trip to Read More →

In the Western world bananas had a glimpse of stardom in 1904 when the banana split was invented, but nobody has really paid much attention to them since. Compared to some of the more exotic fruits in the world, the banana is now considered by many to be a relatively unglamorous creature. Surely there are Read More →

As mentioned in my last blog entry I had some downtime during my field trip to Kratie, which I used to visit one of the major tourist attractions – the Kratie dolphins. The Irrawaddy River Dolphins are actually located just outside of Kratie though in a small town called Kampi. The boat trips to see Read More →

We recently spent a long, lazy weekend in the sleepy fishing village of Kep and the island of Koh Tonsay in south Cambodia. Kep is a four hour bus ride from Phnom Penh – depending on how many times the bus driver stops en route to cram in a few more random passengers to make Read More →

There is an expression in German that if you want someone to get lost, you tell them to “go where the pepper grows”. I have always been intrigued to find out where this mysterious place is (so I can send Chris there) and now I know – it is a small town in southern Cambodia, Read More →