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It’s been a while…With the exception of a few Facebook posts, we’ve been a little quiet on the blogging front over the past year or so. Reason being, ever since we left Colombia in May last year, our lives have been a little more complicated than expected. The Englishman moved to Germany and so being Read More →

Iceland is the perfect destination for outdoor enthusiasts who have a craving to explore rugged landscapes which could be straight out of a Tolkien book. Whether it is mystical waterfalls, hotsprings, or active volcanoes, Iceland won’t disappoint anyone in search of a true adventure holiday. If this all sounds like your kind of vacation, then read Read More →

Having lived and worked in the UK for eight years, it breaks my heart to see the division and hostility increasingly rampant in a country I still have such fond feelings for. As such, and in a slight departure from our usual travel blog, may I offer a few humble thoughts which might reduce tensions before Read More →

The mission:  When the good people at asked me to review their London walking tours app, it gave me the perfect excuse to visit my former colleagues during my spring break in the UK. The app covers a wide range of different walking tours. For example we could have chosen Shakespeare’s London, Bridges of London, Buckingham Palace Read More →

There seems to be a fairly widespread feeling that by and large, 2015 wasn’t one of the world’s best years. Which makes us all the more excited that this sorry excuse for a year is now behind us, and 2016 lies tantalisingly before us. In an effort to make the most of the year we Read More →

If you have followed this blog for any period of time, you may have noticed that if I was a super-hero, my mortal weakness would be mountains – see here and here for earlier examples of my epic fails. So when Chris decided to attempt the Welsh Three Peaks Challenge last weekend, my head told me just Read More →

So there I was, sat in a huge great palace somewhere in Austria waiting for one of the famous Schoenbrunn Palace concerts to begin when I spotted him, Chris’s doppelganger (ironic as doppelganger is of course a German word meaning double-goer  🙂 )!… …A few years ago Chris and I decided to treat ourselves to Read More →

During my road trip through Germany I visited some dear friends of mine in Duesseldorf. Being the perfect hosts they took a few days off work to be our personal tour guides. The Ruhr area in Germany is not exactly the most exciting part for tourists (unless you like football), however it is an area Read More →