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After the ‘Capture the Colour‘ photo competition, there is a brand new competition open for bloggers that I am excited to take part in. Southern Cross Travel Insurance have just started their ‘What does adventure mean to you?’ competition. They would like to know from bloggers what adventure means to them and all you need Read More →

Each country usually has some kind of traditional dance for which they are (in)famous. There is Morris Dancing in the UK (people whacking sticks together), the Schuhplattler in Germany (people whacking their hands and legs together) or the Tango in Argentina (people whacking their…..anyway). Cambodia’s traditional dance is the Apsara dance. The dance is probably Read More →

We have great news for anyone worried about the Mayan prophecy that the world will end in 2012. We can report live from Phnom Penh that we’re now safely into the year 2556, and life as we know it seems pretty much un-altered. A clock at Wat Phnom counting down the last hours of 2555BE Read More →