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For a long time now, probably since time began, Father Chris-tmas has lived a cold and isolated existence in the frosty wastelands of Lapland, travelling around on a sled pulled by a band of merry reindeers. But finally he’s had enough of the long dark nights and constantly drunk reindeers and so he’s decided to move Read More →

In the Western world bananas had a glimpse of stardom in 1904 when the banana split was invented, but nobody has really paid much attention to them since. Compared to some of the more exotic fruits in the world, the banana is now considered by many to be a relatively unglamorous creature. Surely there are Read More →

Last week Chris and I travelled to Oudong, which is Cambodia’s former capital (1618-1866). Once again we asked our trusted tuk tuk driver Phea to take us and an hour later we arrived, not a single other Western tourist in sight. I love finding these little hidden gems that are not yet overrun by camera-wielding Read More →

Last week was my last week at Youth Star Cambodia. Having spend the last year as part of their team, helping with the fantastic work that they do for young Cambodians, it felt terribly sad to say goodbye. Below are some photos from my leaving meal, or if you’d like more detail about my thoughts Read More →

A few weeks ago my colleague Alison and I went to the hill temple Phnom Chisor, about 45km outside of Phnom Penh and near the town of Takeo. We spent 2 hours on a tuk tuk to get there, and although the ride is somewhat dusty and bumpy (a tuk tuk is definitely not an Read More →

In order to explore some lesser known sights outside of Phnom Penh, my former colleague Alison and I recently ventured out to visit the Tonle Bati lake about 35km outside of Phnom Penh. Tonle Bati is a popular spot for locals for a weekend picnic, meaning you don’t get to see many foreign tourists here, Read More →

Last weekend we finally made it to the Phnom Tamao Wildlife Sanctuary, just outside of Phnom Penh. We went with one of our favorite tuk-tuk drivers, Phea, his wife, and his daughter, whose name we don’t know so we just call her Phea-chen (which means ‘little-Phea’ in German). The Phnom Tamao Wildlife Sanctuary lies 40km Read More →

If you spend a few days in Phnom Penh and you managed to see all the usual tourist attractions such as the Killing Fields, Royal Palace or the Central Market, then I recommend approaching a trusted tuk tuk driver of your choice to venture out in the lesser-visited sites around Phnom Penh. A few weeks Read More →