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During our visit to La Paz, I didn’t only engage in adrenaline fuelled activities such as biking down death road or abseiling down a building. I was also keen to find out a bit more about Bolivia, especially its people and their traditions, as Bolivia is a country rich in history, rituals, and culture. For me the perfect way Read More →

I was one step away from a 50m drop and my life was literally hanging by a thread (or a small rope in my case). My heart was racing so fast that it felt like I just finished a 100m sprint against Usain Bolt. From one minute to the other I went from being perfectly Read More →

It was raining heavily and the slippery gravel underneath me felt like it could give way any minute, sending me plummeting to my certain death. The dense fog made it very difficult to see more than 10m at a time and my heart was pounding with every additional meter I cycled. The sheer drops right next Read More →

When I told Chris we’d been offered the opportunity to review a hostel in La Paz, Bolivia, his reaction was the same as it always is with all things social media related – ‘yeah, whatever’. But when I told him the name of the hostel was Adventure Brew Bed & Breakfast, suddenly I had his Read More →