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So after a few fairly traumatic weeks in the Himalayas, we headed back to Kathmandu to give our bodies and souls a few days to recuperate before heading back to Europe.  And what better way to do that than by arriving smack bang in the middle of Nepal’s Holi Festival – aka the Festival of Read More →

Part 1 of 2 – the bit before things got nasty So finally, after a long time planning and a bit of a visa disaster in India, we arrived in Kathmandu ready to start our Himalayan adventure – the Everest Base Camp trek. Here follows some insights into our little expedition where we combined the Read More →

What’s a wat? A wat is a Buddhist temple and there are an estimated 1080 spread throughout Cambodia. Many temples in Phnom Penh are beautiful buildings, but what I didn’t know was that they are not just spiritual places for people to go and pray, but are almost like little communities as well. The complex Read More →

So Chris has been on yet another little work-based adventure this week, this time to Koh Kong on the west coast of Cambodia to investigate some land rights issues affecting local villagers and island communities. As before there’s no chance of any more detail from the grumpy old Englishman, plus it is a very sensitive Read More →

My husband is a lucky man for a number of reasons (I like to think), but one of the most recent reasons is that he has been working in Timor-Leste for the last few weeks so has been able to do a bit of travelling (even though he’d have me believe he spent most of Read More →

When you live in a foreign country it is all very exciting, but on days like Christmas even travel fans like me can become a bit melancholic. I started badly missing mulled wine, German Christmas cookies and markets, and of course family in the build up to the big day. So there was really only Read More →

For a long time now, probably since time began, Father Chris-tmas has lived a cold and isolated existence in the frosty wastelands of Lapland, travelling around on a sled pulled by a band of merry reindeers. But finally he’s had enough of the long dark nights and constantly drunk reindeers and so he’s decided to move Read More →

In the Western world bananas had a glimpse of stardom in 1904 when the banana split was invented, but nobody has really paid much attention to them since. Compared to some of the more exotic fruits in the world, the banana is now considered by many to be a relatively unglamorous creature. Surely there are Read More →